Cambria board seeking health care benefits

September 26, 2017

Acting on a proposal made by two of its own, the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors may award itself health insurance plans. [Cal Coast Times]

The plans would come at an estimated cost to the district of between $35,000 to $93,000 annually. The fluctuation in the cost is largely due to the CSD directors weighing whether to just award themselves health insurance or whether to give themselves health insurance policies for two people or even family plans.

If the board were to vote for individual plans, it would cost the district an estimated $35,394 a year. Two-person plans would cost the district an estimated $70,989 a year, and family plans would cost an estimated $92,682 annually.

The estimated annual costs to the individual board members would be $1,253, $2,505 and $3,271 respectively. Currently, the district employs a policy of paying 85 percent of the cost of its staffers’ health premiums, and district staff recommends doing the same for board members.

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There is more to it than this. After 5 years Cambria CSD employees get paid health insurance FOR LIFE. This would presumably apply to board members. CSD’s were touted as “local control”. In reality they are little dens of intense corruption and mismanagement; Los Osos, California Valley, Cambria, Nipomo. The board elections are easy to control for this purpose. They should all be dissolved and their functions performed by the County, which already provides most of the important services. It is much easier to keep an eye on what’s going on in County (and City) government.


Can anyone spell R-E-C-A-L-L? This is nuts !

George Bailey


Work harder, these elected pubic crooks need your money.


Hey, what about their retirement too? I think 100% for life after one term is a good place to start the negotiations…


Have to offer that lucrative pay package with benefits just to attract people to this shit-hole of an area. I mean, who would ever want to live here voluntarily? …

In all seriousness, this is what happens when you vote for the politicians and party that the media and pop-culture cover for. Period.


These folks are highly uncompensated. They slave away all day for what??

The least we can do is give them free everything.


Pardon me, they made the decision to voluntarily run for these positions. All Service Districts should require their employees (and board) to have Obamacare. As a matter of fact, all government employees should be required to have Obamacare since we now believe it is the best for all of us! In a poll released today, 51% of the population think Obamacare is best for the Americans. Go for it!


They really do need a sarcasm font. People are so literal these days.


Thank you, CCRN