On-duty CHP officer arrested in San Luis Obispo

September 14, 2017

Gary Dana

An on-duty California Highway Patrol officer was arrested for DUI in the parking lot of the CHP office on California Boulevard in San Luis Obispo more than a month ago. Nevertheless, the officer was not booked into jail nor was his mugshot taken. [Cal Coast Times]

On the morning of July 27, officer Gary Dana drove his BMW to the CHP office, put on his uniform, got into his squad car and drove about 10 feet before he was arrested for driving under the influence. Dana had a blood alcohol content of .15.

The legal limit for driving in California is .08.

Dana later admitted to consuming a single vodka cranberry at 9 p.m. on July 26.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Well, I’m glad they stopped him from writing tickets and DUI’s for that day.

But why the special treatment? Why was he not fired? Why no jail and mugshot?

Oh….because he’s from the protected class of noblemen, that’s why.

This isn’t the first time for him….and he’s not alone. Cops are hard drinkers…..hard drinkers get drunk. Pretty easy to predict.

Here’s the funny thing: cops are not allowed to be drug tested.

Kudos to his coworker for arresting his ass.

Curious as to why a “professional driver’s” B.A.C. limit is 1/2 (.04) of the public limit (.08) yet the CHP, who also log countless hours driving, is the same as the general public.

Seems like it should be the lower limit.

Lets put aside the fact that Mr two tone hair selfie guy is creepy looking. Here we have yet ANOTHER instance of local cover up by our law enforcement. Almost twice the limit, not just a touch over. One drink? Isn’t that the line the people he pulls over use? Administration need to be investigated as well. Keep up the good work CCN!

He’s a dead ringer for those creepers who dress as cops for bachelorette parties. ;)

Special treatment for special people, it happens all the time, we only hear about a fraction of the times it happens. He still will not suffer any real consequences.

Maybe the next DUI checkpoint in SLO should be their parking lot.

How about a policy where they all test the accuracy of their breathylzer’s each morning at roll call by blowing in them? They all should be testing at .00000.

…” a single vodka cranberry…(in an extra large big gulp cup)…honest to god”….hiccup

They probably drove him home too.

Commercial drivers have blood alcohol limits that are half what are allowed for other citizens. (Some places and policies are zero tolerance for them.) I see no reason why police officers should not meet these tighter standards at work. If they want to drink on their own time (& I can understand why they might on some days), they can find a designated driver just as easily as the rest of us.

Gary Dana should be FIRED…!


Sometimes the George Orwell quote is just so perfect you have to use it:

“Some pigs more equal than others”.

Now I’m a huge supporter of Law Enforcement but why in the world do they hurt their reputations by not holding their own to the same standards (and laws) that the Citizens they protect and serve are held to? They have to know when the news of this leaks out (and it always DOES) they will lose credibility? So why do it in the first place? Why not take his mugshot like everyone else and book him like everyone else?

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