On-duty CHP officer arrested in San Luis Obispo

September 14, 2017

Gary Dana

An on-duty California Highway Patrol officer was arrested for DUI in the parking lot of the CHP office on California Boulevard in San Luis Obispo more than a month ago. Nevertheless, the officer was not booked into jail nor was his mugshot taken. [Cal Coast Times]

On the morning of July 27, officer Gary Dana drove his BMW to the CHP office, put on his uniform, got into his squad car and drove about 10 feet before he was arrested for driving under the influence. Dana had a blood alcohol content of .15.

The legal limit for driving in California is .08.

Dana later admitted to consuming a single vodka cranberry at 9 p.m. on July 26.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Pasoparent5 You must admit that this county has a HUGE problem.

Wow I do not know what to say, He drove 10 feet.. Seems to me this would a strong case for Rehab.. What was this man thinking ? … In today’s world , this is beyond insane..

So do we get angry or feel sorry , that is our world.. I hope they help this guy.. he needs to have his attitude adjusted for sure .. and clean up his act for sure..

The CHP is a very professional organization. I applaud them for taking care of this incident. I know they will handle this correctly.

Dear Mr Justice, I am not sure there is much justice in SLO county.


I know you’re kidding, right? Because if they are a “professional” organization—-whatever that means to you—they would apply the law equally without respecting persons.

What I mean by this is that if a “professional” pulled over some dude who blew .15 AND who resisted arrest (that’s what cops call it every time they arrest you, especially if you refuse to listen to them and disobey their orders) the dude would be in jail on charges: DWI, resisting arrest, etc.

If a school bus driver did this, they’d be fired, after going to jail. Bus drivers—ask one and they’ll confirm—-are a professional organization. If a tow-truck driver did this, being part of a professional organization, they’d be fired, after going to jail.

Another professional organization are UPS drivers. If they come to work drunk and get in the truck and drive, they’d be fired, after going to jail.

So, what exactly do you mean by “professional organization?” Also, it is patently obvious that THEY DIDN’T HANDLE THIS CORRECTLY.

If they were going to be “correct” they’d treat Dana just like any other serf who needs a DUI. But they didn’t, and officer Dana is on the job, writing tickets and arresting serfs for DUI.

How you can possibly say, “They’ll handle this correctly” is beyond my ability to discern. Certainly, judging from the actual events you have no basis for making a statement like that.

Perhaps you do so because of some bias on your part? Certainly, officer Dana didn’t behave in a professional manner…..and neither did his bosses at the CHP. If some serf was driving drunk in the parking lot, they’d be in jail.

Why the double standard? Please explain.

Did he hit something?? “got into his squad car and drove about 10 feet before he was arrested for driving under the influence” need better reporting. If he hit something that would be a bigger No-No under California law… Why 10 feet? Missing info…

Unfortunate but laws are in place for a reason and should apply equally to everyone across the board.

They were probably waiting for him to pull forward so they could arrest him, if they had just sent him home for showing up to work drunk, it would not have been such a big deal.

Not missing info. I think he needed to be operating the vehicle in order to be arrested for the DUI.

lol reno chp new stars same faces

Very sad news yet we can’t forget nobody is exempt from errors. I suspect there is allot behind the scene on this self inflicted wound. Intentional comes to mind?

Here are more facts:

This cop is still on the job, full time, driving a patrol car! Anyone who gets a ticket from this SOB should fight it in court, based on the officers drinking problems and how they impaired his judgement, etc.

Another fact: We, the People will do NOTHING about this other than grouse in the comments section.

Corruption (Law enforcement) and loss of liberty (ours) has gone past the point of no return. There’s nothing we can do to stop it, reign it in, or “fix” it. We’ve sat on our hands for too many years.

One thing could perhaps help: An initiative that forces all cops to get drug tested, including and especially for steroids. We’d lose 40-50% of cops on the first test, making all of us much safer.

Bullies with Badges protocol continues. SLO never changes.

Hope he’s happy about his action. We are supposed to look up to these people.

A single drink is barely detectable. Let alone many hours later (doesn’t say what time a.m.)

The people who tell you to “look up to” cops are liars.

Cops are heavy drinkers, domestic batters, steroid abusers and sociopaths. And that’s just the information that can be gleaned from our local LEO’s as reported by CCN.

National statistics reveal a class of people who should be held in contempt and be treated as social pariahs.

We’re going to suffer at their hands for years, because the cop worship mentality has allowed them to become a protected class. The only way to “fix” this is by attrition:

If you’re a cop with a working conscience: resign now.

If you have kids, teach them to not become a cop. Make sure they don’t.

Don’t talk to cops. Don’t call them. Don’t offer to help them. If at all possible, try to keep cops out of your life and social circles.

They are steroid using, drunk-driving, gun brandishing, killers. And they enFORCE laws on us, that they themselves break with impunity.

Oh, and for all you “christian” law and order types, who think cops are brave……they are hypocrites. What does the bible say about hypocrites?

Your second paragraph contradicts your fifth one. If cops are heavy drinkers, domestic batters (sic), etc., then how can they have a “working conscience?”

Why use blanket statements and continue to accuse all LEO’s of being corrupt?

You should state that SOME cops are heavy drinkers…SOME use steroids…SOME are drunk drivers. SOME, like this selfie-taking, sunglass-wearing, arrogant $*@# mentioned in the article ARE awful lawbreakers and should be punished.

I agree with most of your observations and get just as frustrated as you do when LEO’s are treated differently than the rest of us common citizens.

But the truth is that some cops ARE brave. Some are heroes. Some are not corrupt. I have no problem with two of my neighbors who are LEO’s. I won’t assume that all cops are bad.

On a personal note, my uncle was a police officer for 35 years and worked his way up to the position of police chief. He was honest, hard-working, and NOT in any way corrupt. He definitely was not physically abusive either, since he resigned from the force and took care of my aunt at home until she died from cancer!

So yes, this CHP officer is a complete ass but your frequent assertion that ALL cops are bad is just plain wrong.

And yet none of your “upstanding” police officers have spoken out that this “one” bad apple should be fired, why?

Pasoparent5, it’s obviously implied that not all cops are wife-beaters. The national statistics don’t show that, only that they beat their wives more often than the average serf.

Ditto drinking and steroid use.

Some cops are brave…..yeah, I suppose. Brave enough to stand by silently and let the “bad” cops be bad. Yes, one “brave’ cop arrested Officer Dana before he could go out and bravely risk his life writing tickets and DWI’s.

But Dana is still on the job! Where are the good cops? Why do they tolerate this unprofessional behavior?

How does your family of “good cops” reconcile the fact that they have general immunity from crimes they commit in the line of duty, unlike we serfs who do not?

How do they reconcile the fact that they can wear body armor to protect themselves, but we cannot?

How about brandishing firearms? They can do it, we cannot. How do they reconcile that?

And how about this Officer Dana dude, who showed up to work drunk and then was allowed to go home and come back to work later? How do “good cops” deal with this?

There is no other organization—–other than congress who are immune from the laws they write—-who would tolerate this sort of behavior. But cops do!

So, yes, in general, cops are corrupt. There are some that are merely silent disapprovers which makes them less corrupt, but they are in the minority.

Can you imagine having a job where you put people in jail for doing the same thing you do? IE, cops put YOU—-well maybe not you, cuz you have cops in your family—-but cops put US in jail for drinking and driving. But not their own!

I’ve been in the car, with a ‘good cop” who was off-duty and we were driving 80mph on 46 and got pulled over. The good cop was also drinking a beer. He flashed his shield and it was all brotherhood and laughs and we were on our way. Good cops…..good times.

Again, when they start cleaning their own house I’ll allow that some cops are good. Isn’t that the standard they use on us? If you know a crime is being committed and you remain silent and allow the crime to proceed you’re an accomplice, correct?

When they hold themselves to the same standards they hold us to, I’ll say there are some good cops. But both of us know that’s fantasy.

They are above the law and they behave like it.

Well this comment is better than the one you made above it. I agree with you about the problems but not about the proportions of bad cops. I think it varies from agency to agency with some being worse than others. Leadership and policies within agencies have a lot to do with that.

I was surprised to hear that this happened with the CHP. My experience with them in the past (admittedly not within the past 15 years) is that they have been the class of the law enforcement community. I can understand having a bad apple come into work drunk but it it really disappointing when they let the action slide without serious consequences.

If there is a cop or former cop out there reading this that gets tired of “cop-bashing,” could you please explain why “good” cops don’t turn on the bad ones? Why they aren’t held to the same standards as the rest of us in our lives? Why the punishments, when they occur at all, tend to be so much less than other citizens face? I think that we would all appreciate an explanation.


I’ve been following the trends with law enforcement for decades. I stand by my comments.

In this county alone, in recent memory, it was reported by CCN:

Cop dealing drugs

Cop making drug dealers deal drugs

Cop bugging the office of his under-sheriff

driving drunk—several

keeping dangerous animals who got out and chewed a neighbor to death

more DUI

Torture at the jail

more DUI

Several police chiefs out on corruption charges…..

And this is what I can think of while I’m typing as fast as I can!

Most of the offenders in my list are back on the job, no charges, no one fired.

Since all the cops are silent with regard to these incidents, just what percentage of them aren’t bad? We can talk degrees of bad…

If you lived in a house with 4 people and you knew that 3 of them were dealing meth out of the house and you did nothing….you’d be bad. Right?

Likewise, if you’re a cop and you know damn well that your brothers come to work drunk at times, and you say nothing….you’d be a bad cop.

Get over the uniform and the worship we’re supposed to render. We have a serious problem and saying, “there are some good cops” in the face of a national crisis is nothing more than cognitive dissonance.

We have a huge problem. Admitting it is the first step to fixing it…..which should have been done 20 years ago. The current batch of militarized police can’t/won’t be reformed. They’re gonna use that military gear….on you.

The best we can do at this point is persuade people to treat cops as social pariahs. Don’t talk to them, don’t call them, don’t help them, and by all means keep your family and friends from becoming cops!

Attrition is our only way out. Short of that we’ve got the Gestapo ready and waiting.

DocT, while no one is perfect, your one-sided rant reinforces my decision to ignore all future comments from you.