What is SLO’s most dangerous intersection?

September 1, 2017

In recent years, the intersection of Santa Rosa Street and Foothill Boulevard has been the most dangerous location for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians in the city of San Luis Obispo, according to a set of rankings compiled by the Law Office of Daniel J. O’Neill.

The rankings use data from law enforcement to show which San Luis Obispo intersections have had the most accidents from Jan. 1, 2012 through Nov. 13, 2016. During the approximately five-year span, a total of 82 accidents occurred at Santa Rosa Street and Foothill Boulevard.

Los Osos Valley Road and Calle Joqauin came in a close second with 76 accidents. California and Foothill boulevards had 48, Los Osos Valley Road and Froom Ranch Way had 44, and Santa Rosa and Olive streets at 42 rounded out the top five.

For individual years, the title of most dangerous intersection has rotated between different pairings of streets. Los Osos Valley Road and Calle Joqauin was the most dangerous intersection in 2012 and 2013 with 36 and 30 accidents respectively.

The number of crashes at Los Osos Valley Road and Calle Joqauin dropped steeply in 2014 and continued to decline over the past couple years, according to attorney Daniel J. O’Neill’s law firm.

Santa Rosa Street and Foothill Boulevard was the most dangerous intersection in 2014 and 2015 with 19 and 29 accidents respectively. In 2016, Santa Rosa Street and Olive Street came in first with 21 accidents.

California and Foothill ranks as one of the most dangerous intersections in the area in terms of injuries. A total of 53 injuries occurred at the intersection over the five-year span.

In general, bicyclists are most in danger on Foothill Boulevard. The intersections of Foothill Boulevard and Broad Street and Foothill Boulevard and Santa Rosa Street led with six bicycle accidents each.

Just this week, a bicyclist was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver on Foothill Boulevard near Ferrini Road. That crash is not included in the law firm’s data set.

Over the 2012-2016 span, there was a total of four fatalities in San Luis Obispo traffic collisions, according to the law firm. Two pedestrians and two motorists died in four separate accidents. Each of those fatal crashes occurred on northbound Highway 101 on or off-ramps.

Read the entire list of SLO’s top 25 most dangerous intersections.

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Say it isn’t so that it took an outside law firm to identify traffic safety issues in SLO. It took a multi-million dollar lawsuit to identify the traffic hazards on South Street years ago wherein a small child died and the City paid out millions. This was after a traffic safety engineer identified the problem, raised the issue to his supervisor who then wrote him up for exceeding his authority. That staffer eventually was let go when he responded to the reprimand. However, the interesting point is that he was directed to make an assessment of the situation and the assessment wasn’t what his idiot supervisor wanted to see so he wrote him up.

I hope the law firm sticks it to the City – this is the only way that responsible change happens in SLOTown USA. Just look at the illegal housing inspection program, the illegal ACLU violations against the homeless. What idiot reviews this blundering mishaps at the City?

The City Council should be concentrating on fixing and eliminating the dangers of these intersections rather than increasing the number of dangerous intersections with its “Bike Boulevard” proposals that are certain to increase conflicts between cars and bikes.

“are certain to increase conflicts between cars and bikes”

Nope. Not certain.

What I think would help is some double yellow and single lines on the two lane turns.

Hwy 1 and Foot Hill, two lanes turn left from 1 to foot hill east there is no line to divide the two lanes turning in that direction and a double yellow on the outside might be helpful, the same with turning west on foothill.

Marsh turning left on to Santa Rosa there is always some dipwad that doesn’t realize that there are two lanes turning left, no divider line between the two,

Santa Barbara to Broad same thing its a weird turn to the left and people on the outside lane cut over all the time.

The flashing yellows on Santa Rosa and Montery are nice but looks to be an accident waiting to happen.

The city would help traffic flow if they would make bus pullouts along a few of the streets instead of letting the buses stop half in traffic and the bike lane, but I see they would ratehr spend money on a stupid piece of ….. art at Marsh and the Higuera.

Can’t be wrong. traffic engineers read it in a book and everything is according to law.