Woman caught on camera stealing boots from SLO store

September 2, 2017


A woman stashed a pair of UGG boots in her bag and walked out the door of a downtown San Luis Obispo store on Tuesday, surveillance footage shows.

At about  6 p.m., the woman who police have since identified, took the boots, according to a Facebook post circulated by Kaila Zunich, a worker at Roxanne’s Birkenstock. There was already a warrant out for alleged thief’s arrest for a previous offense, Zunich stated in the Facebook post.

Surveillance video shows a heavyset blonde woman with a tan dress and sunglasses on her head looking at boots and then placing a pair in her bag. She walks out the door of Roxanne’s Birkenstock as a couple workers walk over to her but refrain from following her.

“She is a repeat offender,” Zunich stated. “If you see her out and about — please call the SLOPD.”

San Luis Obispo police are working on locating the woman, according to Zunich’s Facebook post.

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If I were shoplifting, I don’t think I would choose Ugg boots. Illogical.

This store has a nice HD camera, and to get this video of the theft out to the media they use another camera to take a video of the monitor?!? Come on, this is 2017, people should know how to transfer a video directly. And if you can’t figure it out, at least use a tripod when you are filming the screen!

WHAT? Oh mom not again. You are embarrassing me!