More than $800,000 unaccounted for at sanitation district

October 24, 2017

Jim Hill discovers financial discrepancies

The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation Districts expenditures and bank balances show that during the past 15 months there is over $800,000 in money that is not accounted for, according to a presentation by Director Jim Hill. [Cal Coast Times]

Hill compared revenues with expenses and found statement shortfalls during the 2016-2017 fiscal year in excess of $650,000. Hill’s presentation revealed another $200,000 is unaccounted for since the current fiscal year started in July.

Paul Karp, interim district administrator, does not believe the money was taken. Because of employee shortages and maintenance issues, the administrator has not had time properly look into the account balances.

“It started over a year ago,” Karp said. “We do not think anyone stole anything. We just have to get on it.”

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Dont worry people, someone out there has it. Maybe it will be recovered, maybe not. Maybe we will have suspects, maybe not.

But no one will go to jail. And when no one gets locked up, it signals that to future embezzlers that you can indeed get away with this kind of stuff.