Is Adam Hill crying wolf over budget deficit?

October 26, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill

The discovery of a San Luis Obispo County accounting error has led staff to revise a projected budget surplus of $3 million to $5 million into a $4.8 million shortfall. An error Supervisor Adam Hill is blaming on his political opponents. [Cal Coast Times]

On Oct. 10, county administrators presented their 2018-2019 fiscal-year forecast to the SLO County Board of Supervisors, which included a projected surplus. However, a county staffer overlooked putting staff raises the board approved in June into the projected budget.

Two weeks later, County Auditor Controller Jim Erb discovered the error and informed the board of the now projected $4.8 million deficit.

“Each year, the Board of Supervisors reviews the county’s budget balancing strategies and approaches,” the auditor’s office said in a press release. “This year, the discussion on Nov. 7 will serve as a guide to closing the projected gap in the coming fiscal year.

Read the rest of the article at Cal Coast Times.

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How about that article in Sundays fire place starter of these two hacks blaming the other three supervisors for the budget shortfall and the dope deal, what a class act these two put on, I guess the don’t like the shoe on the other foot.

I see that gibson is gonna run again, I really hope someone else steps up to the plate for his spot, he needs to go.

So who is getting fired for the $9M mistake? No one, of course. It’s the government.

I see more Christmas bonuses on the way.

Someone had one job to do, basic math. I am sure that person had a highly paid supervisor. How did all these people miss this?

“After learning of the deficit in the proposed 2017-2018 budget, Hill said he wants to revisits decisions made regarding the 2016-2017 fiscal-year budget, a budget that remains balanced.”

Why does Supervisor Hill-Torres want to go over a budget that is already balanced and adopted from the past? To snivel and bitch about some project that he didn’t have his hands on I’m sure.

Little napoleon cries whenever he does not get his way! Man up adam!!

I was a little curious about how a “Professional” accounting department could make an error of 7.8 to 9.8 MILLION dollars and still have jobs, which I assume they do.

Mr or Ms Error sure gets around seems to working every CSD,City, County or State agency.

By law unfunded pensions get paid first, budget proof. So of the $500 million how much remains for everything else?

If so, time to change the law.

This is a state law, not a local ordinance.

Maybe instead Gibson and Hill should ask the county employees to each give back the $1000 Christmas bonuses they awarded to them in 2014. I know, it was only $2.4 Million but, hey, every little bit helps

It wasn’t a Christmas bonus. It was money to offset the 13% increase to health insurance premiums, which at the time cost the employee with 2 kids $1000 a month out of pocket, then increased to about 1175 a month. This was during a time when employees got no raises. I know nurses during that time that had been nurses for many years and made less than new graduates. The board of supervisors gave that money right at Christmas so the public would be angry and not support the employees who were asking for a raise after 7 years of not getting any raise. After the Board pissed the public off sufficiently, they also voted themselves a 5% raise.

Just thought I would clarify.

“which at the time cost the employee with 2 kids $1000 a month out of pocket, then increased to about 1175 a month, This was during a time when employees got no raises” Welcome to the real world……….