More than $800,000 unaccounted for at sanitation district

October 24, 2017

Jim Hill discovers financial discrepancies

The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation Districts expenditures and bank balances show that during the past 15 months there is over $800,000 in money that is not accounted for, according to a presentation by Director Jim Hill. [Cal Coast Times]

Hill compared revenues with expenses and found statement shortfalls during the 2016-2017 fiscal year in excess of $650,000. Hill’s presentation revealed another $200,000 is unaccounted for since the current fiscal year started in July.

Paul Karp, interim district administrator, does not believe the money was taken. Because of employee shortages and maintenance issues, the administrator has not had time properly look into the account balances.

“It started over a year ago,” Karp said. “We do not think anyone stole anything. We just have to get on it.”

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All government offices say we have to pay these outlandish salaries to get qualified people and look what happens. A mother who takes care of her family, pays the bills and balances her budget is more qualified for this job than the high paid fools you hire. Typical government if it’s not money out of your pocket it doesn’t affect you. Need to get rid of all the ” qualified people ” who are responsible for keeping track of “THE TAXPAYERS MONEY “.

800k? No big deal. Just cook the books to show a surplus. Then raise taxes. Doesn’t anyone at SSLOCSD know how to do government stuff?

It’s not like a real business, where numbers have to add up. I don’t understand why this is an issue.

800k? That’s not half bad for the SSLOCSD.

So who is going to jail? That’s right, nobody., it’s legal to steal if you work for government.

Mr. Karp seems to have used creative license when he states that financial issues date back to over a year. Who is he covering for. Why the misinformation?

The matter doesn’t date back over a year. It dates back to last fiscal year, which is NOT a year or more ago. That distinction should be made. This happened while Amy Simpson was on paid administrative leave for no reason. What a costly mess!

What’s all the fuss about a measly $800,000, thanks to Mayor Shoals and others several million vanished with John Wallace at the controls and even the DA did nothing about that. So again whats the big deal about $800,000, there is always more that can be scared out of the ratepayers, come it’s not like it’s real money.

Maybe they’re closing in on Shoals now. PG&E let him go today. Shoals says PG&E is slimming down for the closure. But sources at PG&E says they’re not doing that yet, and Shoals seems to work out of the Bay Area region. So why did they let him go? Did he fail his drug test? Or were there more issues with sexual harrassment? Or did they not like it that he went after fellow PG&E employee Jim Hill? Or is he being investigated? Was he too friendly with the city of Oakland tax executive who was convicted of stealing PG&E software and now works for HDL who Shoals picked to advise Grover on the cannabis business?

All of the above.

Need more time!!! What do they do there all day?

A whole lot of people need to resign

We have cell phone that can do facial recognition, does the district use any kind of computer to track all cash flow? The district should be able to have an app that with a push of a button missing money can be tracked weekly.

Due to budget cuts and shortfalls, the district was unable to budget a copy of Quickbooks, so they cannot track mixing (sorry missing) money. If the people weren’t so cheap and greedy and were willing to pay more for SSLOCSD’s services, then they could afford a copy of Quickbooks and these problems wouldn’t happen.

Basically, it’s the fault of the cheapskates who don’t want to pay more. Plus, it’s only 800k. That’s chump change when it comes to corrupt—-er, I mean government—-businesses.