Los Osos manager in line for 23 percent raise

October 11, 2017

Back row: Roy Hanley, Renee Osborne, Lou Tornatsky, Marshall Ochylski. Front row: Jon-Erik Storm and Vickie Milledge.

Less than three months after a 65 percent water rate increase went into effect, the Los Osos Community Services District is planning to approve a 23 percent raise for its general manager. [Cal Coast Times]

In Oct. 2016, the board voted to make Renee Osborne of Grace Environmental Services its general manager for $78,024 a year. If the board approves Osborne’s new contract at Thursday’s board meeting, it will raise her annual salary to $98,000.

Osborne manages a district that provides water, some lighting and some drainage to about 14,000 residents. Other services such as sewer, trash collection, law enforcement and fire protection are either contracted out or managed by other government agencies.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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Its simple- stop respecting government management.

When you see them giving a speech: boo them, give them a thumbs down, put intense pressure on them to prove their worth or prepare to leave office immediately.

When you see them in the grocery store: do not be friendly, tell them that they are leeches and have it so good that they kill the economic growth of their own communities with their undeserved self-compensation.

Ask them bluntly to state their EXACT annual salary and make them explain in detail why they deserve that much.

Tell them to compare themselves and to those who dont take taxpayer money, those who must compete to survive. And sometimes actually do not survive in the end.

Whose house is larger compared everyone elses? Whose child can afford college and who does not?

Someday you will all learn that we are not all “in this together” or “stronger together”, we are exploited by those others who are connected to us in this so called ‘community’. The closer they try to make you feel they are to you– and the nicer they try to be to you— the harder it is to point the finger at them when they screw you.


you can go far in life by doing nothing but pointing out our leaders’ shortcomings. You can even make it as far as the White House.

They dont care about anything but their jobs because they are so extraordinarily “kushy”. they take no risks, take no one’s side, and never stop smiling and giving out kind words and empty platitudes, and collecting a fat paycheck.

It’s called climbing the administrative ladder. She will use her new salary to leverage even a higher salary at her new position when she quits the LOCSD (or is fired and given a large severance package).

Oh, sure, why not. It’s ‘just’ taxpayer money.

Those who identify themselves as democrats and republicans and get impassioned about politicians should as themselves how many years and the amount of hard work it took for them to increase their pay by 25 percent.

Politicians do it with a midnight vote and stroke of a pen, and to make matters worse they steal the money from you.

Keep fighting for these idiots and against each other. Makes perfect sense.

Gotta spend all that new revenue somehow, I am right? If they have a big surplus it makes it hard to get the next rate increase through!

People who work in government jobs deserve more because they are better people than the rest of us. Their lives and the lives of their families are more important that our stupid lives and useless families.

What? You what I just said is “over the top?” Really? So, do YOU get to vote yourself a raise and make other people pay for it?


If everyone smoked marijuana, nobody would care and water would be for hot tubs.

Lets see a 65% rate increase then next a 23% salary increase, no wonder they all have smiles on their faces in the pic.

They should get the same percentage of pay raise as Social Security gets each year. That would seem fair to me….