Pretend-lefties Adam Hill and Tom Fulks attack critics

October 20, 2017

Supervisor Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


When a prominent public official and a newspaper columnist, posing as Democrats, turn out to be shills of the development community, then it is the public’s First Amendment right and duty to call them out. Case in point.

I recently wrote an article which appeared in the Tribune describing a statistical anomaly where the City of San Luis Obispo has nearly the same proportion of its population living below the poverty level (34 percent) as Detroit, Michigan (37 percent). We all know that this cannot be possible whereby I conclusively traced this to the presence of a very large, affluent college population holding part-time jobs.

I complained that because of this statistical anomaly, SLO is obligated to meet unrealistically high targets for low-income housing. When these targets aren’t met then the state steps in and bars both advisory body input and public input on multifamily housing being proposed for existing neighborhoods.

My article was a siren call for good planning and good public stewardship.

To my surprise, two letters immediately appeared in the Tribune’s online comment section, one from SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill and the other from newspaper columnist Tom Fulks. Fulks characterized me as a “tool for the landed gentry” and Hill described me as a liar and a member of the “pale, property-owning elite.”

How does one explain this incongruous, somewhat slanderous and seemingly coordinated response from two prominent public figures?

After some thought, it occurred to me that neither, on the face of it, were advocating on behalf of the so-called “have-nots” and property-less workforce population. Why? Because I was arguing on behalf of quality housing, not less housing.

I also acknowledged that the city and county still have an obligation to meet the housing needs of the 14 percent who truly live below the poverty level.

Instead these two “pretend-lefties” were deflecting attention away from the fact that they both remain stalwart allies of the development community – a community that has much to gain from these streamlined approval processes mandated by the state.

Finally, when a friend came to my defense by reaching out to Adam Hill, he characterized us both as “dishonest, close-minded, and elitist.”

He jeeringly referred to my “jeremiads” that “remain in the gutter” on the CalCoastNews blog site. He preposterously claimed that the CalCoastNews and Cal Coast Times “represent the radical right-wing anti-Gov types that enjoy nothing more than lies about people on the left.”

So folks, here’s a heads up. It looks like anyone who loves it here and wants to preserve what makes this part of California special is clearly an enemy of Adam Hill.


Thank you for speaking out and expressing a belief that I have held for some time. While Hill’s “affiliations” may be with the Democratic Party, his actions, methods and goals have never quite lined up with liberal social program goals for the right reasons. While I am not naive enough to think that “politicians” are selfless, I have long felt that Hill’s party registration is nothing but another way that he, as a political figure, tries to deceive those who don’t look beyond the surface of the candidates that they support. The local Democratic Party would do well to examine what they stand for and who carries their flag.

Mike Morgan

Hill is a democrat because it is widely believed in most circles that the democrat is for the workingman; the little guy, however a few districts in SLO County including Hills district seethe with faux democrats, progressives if you will. These progressives vote democrat, however they don’t thing democrat, not like the good old democrats I knew, and was back in the day. You see, the democrat I knew that came from working folks, and thought like working folks believed in affordable homes, that is to say development. Development provides jobs for the working men, and roofs over the heads of their families.

It seems to me that Hill is an old time democrat in a savage land of selfish, self serving progressives. I am a native Californian, and over the last thirty years I have noticed an ugliness come over the coastal regions of this state. An ugly form of elite progressive regulation that applies only to the mass’s; the have nots; the never will haves, because on this left coast the worker, those represented by the democrat does not have the chance of a snowball in hell.

What the hell is wrong with you people? You call yourselves democrats yet you attack Hill who is trying to help the working man. You’re not democrats; you’re not republicans, you’re phony communists, who think communism is great for everyone, except you, and all your fake friends who live in mansions, like your’s built on a future mud slide.

All you service folks; you Mexicans; you builders…better vote for Hill.

Mike Morgan

I have been vacillating on Hill for a few years now. I have sided with conservatives against him. Hill has been hardily attacked from both sides. I have finally come to the conclusion that if I were in his district I would vote for him. It seems to me that he represents the middle class; is for prosperity which always bring jobs with it, and talks straight to community members at meetings, which of course offends many selfish NIMBYs.


What are you going on about? Hill is a member of the progressives. Hill is a divider not a uniter, he is not here to work it out with everyone.

A perfect example of that technique is you calling people (who you don’t know) communists after making claims of history and knowledge (I, I, I.).

Whats wrong with you?

ps: We don’t live in mansions or country clubs and we don’t vote for liars or bullies.

Mike Morgan

Kettle, this is the pot (M Morgan) I suspect that most NIMBYs are getting up in age, as am I, our days are numbered, and this discussion will soon be moot. A new day is coming where there will be little room for those who horde through government regulation, a day of prosperity, and jobs, the smell of fresh lumber in the air, and a roof over every head. The young lions are circling. Our new roof will be turf. I guess thats just the way of things isn’t it?

George Garrigues

“…the 14 percent who truly live below the poverty level.” Where does this statistic come from?

Kevin Rice

Gee, well I guess you could read his Letter to the Editor where he went over that stuff.


I certainly hope the tide turns a bit from giving the farm away to common sense. I know of one self proclaimed prominent elected offical in the North County who once stated to me “let them build as many as they want because I’m getting out of here when I’m done.” He still is in office. Unfortunately that seems to be the mindset of Planners and elected officials because we have to wonder if they really do care? Most of these overpaid government employees move out of the state into other states that are affordable to live in. San Luis Obispo will never be the wholesome place that we use to live in. It is slowly becoming just other saturated cities. But if you are in the wine, beer, tourism business you have to be jumping for joy while donating to the elected puppets. We recently went from #1 to #5. Where might it be next year as the sanctuary status for the city takes place and crime starts accelerating? It might be time to say good bye to the good life.

Mike Morgan

Move north, just recently I drove all day up there, I believe it was near Garbersville, and all I saw was a midget on meth standing beside the road with his shirt off. It’s not crowded up there, trust me. It’s kinda like a vast Los Osos.