ICE arrests Santa Maria woman following release from jail

October 20, 2017

Georgina Ruiz-Bojorquez

A former Santa Maria daycare provider who was accused of torturing young children received a five-year prison sentence on Wednesday, but was then freed from custody because of credits she accumulated for time spent in jail and good behavior. [Cal Coast Times]

However, her freedom was short-lived. Following her sentencing hearing, U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Georgina Imelda Ruiz-Bojorquez and booked her into the Adelanto Detention Center, a privately operated federal prison in San Bernardino County, according to Lauren mack, ICE public information officer.

In Feb. 2015, Santa Maria police officers arrested Ruiz-Bojorquez at her home in Santa Maria on charges of torture and child abuse. Ruiz-Bojorquez tortured and abused three young children between 1997 and 2004.

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And nobody cares that she was transferred to a Private Prison. Guess woh pays for that? Not a private entity. Eye on the ball.


I’m surprised there have not been protests and news coverage of this unfair treatment of a person who entered this country illegally as in Calif. they have more rights than the citizens and veterans who gave up so much so this country stays free. If you are here illegally and try to get your citizenship and pay your share as the citizens of this state then I hope it comes true for you but if you are just here to get the free ride then go home.




I commend ICE on arresting this criminal. Sanctuary cities breed a “if they don’t follow the law why should I”. mentality


This is why I will never understand the sanctuary “logic” as compassionate. California politicians are saying the “right” of people like Georgina to break our laws in peace is more important than that of our citizens in this case young children to not be harmed.

Please help me understand why she or any illegal should be shielded?


This is why I will never understand the sanctuary “logic”…. VOTES, plain and simple!

George Bailey


Santa Maria is a sanctuary city, so I am a bit surprised that they allowed this woman to be deported. Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino is famous for trying to shut down ICE in santa Maria, and the town is in the midst of an illegal alien crime epidemic.

The FBI has warned Santa Marians that their town is one of the deadliest in California, but the crooked political class doesn’t care about the taxpaying public.


Recall SM Mayor Alice Patino

SB County 5th District Supervisor Steve Lavignino.

End Sanctuary City/Deport Stupidity

Extremely Stoic

So much for sanctuary state


1 down, 11,999,999 to go.


Don’t worry, this is California so if she actually does get deported, she’ll be back in the state and able to commit more crimes real soon.


Ice ice baby!