SLO County board tussles over marijuana regulations

October 20, 2017

Civil discourse dissolved into angry attacks as San Luis Obispo County Supervisors argued over marijuana regulations on Tuesday, a discussion set to continue Friday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

For almost a year, the board has attempted to direct staff to produce a draft cannabis ordinance based on board direction while several consultants have courted marijuana growers with claims county staffers are following their direction.

On February 28, the board reviewed a draft ordinance and assigned then assistant county administrator Guy Savage to make specific changes before putting the draft out for public review.

However, on May 1, county planners James Caruso and Brandi Cummings posted a revised draft ordinance on the county website which bore almost no resemblance to the earlier ordinance. The planners gave the public until May 12 to comment.

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Regulation=minding other people’s business….mostly. In this case regulation is 100% meddling, with greed as the motive. No wonder the CS are fighting.

Jorge Estrada

It is very difficult to agree on a marijuana ordinance that promotes:

Bad citizenship (citizens of the United States, which outlaws marijuana.)

A direct conflict with a already funded anti-drug program.

Dangerous to the public by historically taking laws into their own hands.

Rich in MB

Staff always runs the show from behind the curtain.