Charles Tenborg pays restitution to CalRecycle for false claims

November 29, 2017

Charles Tenborg

A CalCoastNews investigation has led to the payment of almost $35,000 to CalRecycle in a false claim investigation of Charles Tenborg, a contractor working with the San Luis Obispo Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA). [Cal Coast Times]

Tenborg paid $34,634 in restitution to the state after a CalRecycle investigation found that Tenborg had submitted false representations for government funds to the Covered Electronic Waste Recycling and Recovering Program, according to CalRecycle.

Early this year, CalRecycle levied 17 notices of violation against Charles Tenborg for asking for payments for processing or dismantling electronic waste that was not processed or dismantled. From March 2014 through July, Tenborg’s company received more than $30,000 for the false claims, according to the notices of violation.

In response to the notices of violation, Tenborg claimed issues with inadequate staffing and oversight had led to the false claims.

Read the entire article, the notice of violation from the state and the stipulated payment agreement on Cal Coast Times.

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I’m confused??? I thought, from what I read, Charles Tenborg, ran a historically flawless operation and partly because of his clean history, per the testimony given / allowed, the Judge ruled in favor of Tenborg, discrediting the integrity of Calcoast news? I’ve been told that lying in court happens all the time, but to levy a judgment that is so destructive at many levels, without culpability to the fraudulent party, reads like a paid for decision.

Most decisions of this type are indeed “paid for.” The only real crime that can be committed is to embarrass the government. All others may or may not rise to the level of crime, depending on who commits them.

Odd isn’t it that the judge awards this guy millions and Blackburns home yet he has been clearly lying and busted for what they accused him of. Looks like SLO corruption at its finest at work again.