Mission College Prep administrator back on leave

December 3, 2017

Administrator Russ Griffith with a student whose face has been concealed to protect his privacy.

An administrator accused of assaulting a student at Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School in San Luis Obispo was placed on administrative leave after his alleged victim was granted a temporary restraining order. [Cal Coast Times]

On Nov. 3, Russ Griffith, a former SLO police officer, placed a student in a headlock during lunch for allegedly using a curse word. A hold the SLO Police Department only allows officers to use to restrain violent or combative individuals, according to department policy.

Shortly after the altercation, Mission Prep administrators placed Griffith on suspension and the police department sent a report of the incident to the district attorney’s office for review.

Just three weeks after he placed the teen in a carotid choke hold, Griffith returned to work at Mission Prep. A few days later, a judge granted the student a temporary restraining order against Griffith, the director of student life. Griffith is currently prohibited from coming within 100 yards of the student, a 16-year-old football star.

In court documents, the student claims that he used a curse word toward a friend while telling him to turn off annoying, loud music. Griffith then approached him from behind and unexpectedly put him in the choke hold.

While restraining the teen, the administrator threatened that he could drop him or make him pass out, the student stated in a court document. The student also claims that, while being restrained, he could hardly breathe and felt like he was going to pass out.

Read entire article at Cal Coast Times.

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I think the word is out that student athletes are the best among the “I am entitled” culture, but a choke hold in response to a curse word is excessive force. Does this adult person have verbal skills he can use instead of excessive force?

Interesting this is the same Officer or now X officer that on 7-14-15 was the subject of a matter involving Students and a Buss driver along with a crossing guard , in which according to the taped conversation did NOT want to investigate a school incident of criminal wrong doings ?

Then Officer Russ Griffiths failed to do his duty and thus the School admin had to settle a claim, at the time the New Chief and Captain Staley cover up the incident and the School district had to settle a claim, all while sleepy officer or now X officer GRIFFITHS was asleep at the Job, he needs to be charged and fired again.

It appears that this officer has learned from his past oversight / negligence and was very responsive at his school job. Foul language and disruptive behavior should never be tolerated at MCP or any other school. I have the officers back on this one.

I’ve seen a few references to this. Any idea where I can pick up the trail? Public records? Eyewitness accounts?