Thieves snatch items stored for the homeless

December 29, 2017

Homeless services officials temporarily closed several North County warming centers this week after thieves broke into a shed in Paso Robles and stole items being stored for the homeless. [Cal Coast Times]

On Wednesday, the thieves broke into a shed at the nonprofit Paso Cares’ feeding site at 24th Street and Riverside Drive and snatched lanterns, bags of socks, toiletries, food, a backpack and a computer.

Officials have yet to determine a dollar value for the items stolen.

Paso Cares President Ed Gallagher said the nonprofit is working to replace the shed with a container that would be much more difficult to break into. Workers aim to finish the job by the end of the week.

It is unclear when the warming centers will reopen.


I don’t get it! Why would the warming centers be closed due to a break-in of a shed? None of the items taken seem to be connected with the operation of a warming center. Something isn’t being said here…


Homeless stealing from other homeless.


And where does the article say that? Or is it just you jumping to an unfounded and bias conclusion? The homeless have enough problems (self inflicted or otherwise) without someone hanging a burglary on them as a whole without any facts to back up the assertion. Don’t you think? If you have some information that isn’t in the article then please share it with the appropriate LOA so they can put an end to this and maybe expedite the reopening of those warming centers.

Extremely Stoic

I know people that give their time…..that’s the story.