13-year-old Santa Maria boy shot by brother

February 4, 2018

Fernando Navarro

A Santa Maria teen is in jail after he shot and critically wounded his 13-year-old brother on Saturday afternoon, according to Santa Maria police. Police believe the shooting was accidental. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after noon, Santa Maria Police officers responded to a report of a shooting at a residence in the 600 block of West Polk Street. They found the 13-year-old in critical condition.

The victim was airlifted to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for treatment.

Officers arrested the boy’s brother, 19-year-old Fernando Navarro, on suspicion of shooting a firearm in a grossly negligent manner and possessing a firearm when prohibited by court order.

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I don’t think this person shot his 13 year old brother on purpose. Jeez.

That said, if there are idiots in the house, LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Here we see the disastrous results of the decision by Santa Maria city officials to embrace ‘sanctuary city’ status for the city of Santa Maria, sad.

Santa Maria Mayor Alice Patino prioritized her race over the safety of the taxpaying public in Santa Maria, and now we see shootings, stabbings, carjackings, illegal alien violence, drug dealing, etc., ON A DAILY BASIS, and our once bucolic city is now embraced in a serious crime wave with no end in sight. I say recall these failed leaders.

This single incident will cost taxpayers over $500,000 dollars as we pay for the ongoing medical care for the teen and the incarceration for his felon brother. It doesn’t make any sense to embrace sanctuary city, and I hope the federal government moves against these local governments who defy federal law and betray taxpayers.

Let’s run trainer politicians like Alice Patino out-of-town, she’s yellow.

George Bailey

I’m sorry, where in the article does it state that either one of these kids were not American Citizens? It didn’t, did it? So how do you relate this incident with a “sanctuary city”?

Fear mongering should at least have some basis in fact, don’t you think George? I’ve read all reports on this incident, including the most recent telling us the brother has died, and I cannot find one mention of their citizenship status. Not one!

One kid is dead and his brother appears to be at fault, and there’s a gun at the center of it and all you can do is speak up about something not even mentioned in the article?

One bright side for you though, the one brother died so now you’re not out the incredible amount of money for extended medical care for him, huh?! How did you come up $500K in costs? Pulled that one out of the same hat you pulled the “sanctuary city” bullchit?

Santa Maria = Sanctuary City

Enough Said.

For the wholly ignorant it’s enough said….