Best-selling SLO author accused of sexual harassment

February 13, 2018


Jay Asher

Amid a wave of swirling sexual harassment controversies gaining attention as part of the Me Too movement, best-selling author Jay Asher, a resident of San Luis Obispo, was ousted from a prominent writers’ organization. [Cal Coast Times]

Asher, the author of “Thirteen Reasons Why,” a young adult novel that was adapted into a Netflix series, was expelled from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) over sexual harassment allegations. Details about the allegations are sparse, and Asher denies the accusations.

Lin Oliver, the executive director of the SCBWI, told the Associated Press that Asher violated the organization’s harassment code and was actually banned from the society last year. Oliver said claims against Asher, as well as illustrator David Diaz, were investigated and resulted in their ouster from the SCBWI.

Asher told BuzzFeed that he left the organization voluntarily and felt he was thrown under the bus.

“It’s very scary when you know people are just not going to believe you once you open your mouth,” Ahser said to BuzzFeed. “I feel very conflicted about it just because of what’s going on in the culture and who’s supposed to be believed and who’s not.”

Additionally, Asher gave a statement to the Tribune saying, in the past, he had affairs with consenting adults, which ended several years ago. Asher said he is ashamed of himself and the pain the affairs caused for the families involved.

Asher also told the Tribune he has endured a decade of harassment related to the affairs, but has not once retaliated against his accusers.

In addition to writing “Thirteen Reasons Why,” the story of a high school student committing suicide, Asher also authored young adult novels “The Future Of Us” and “What Light,” as well as the graphic novel “Piper.”

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So the story goes, he was intimate with a few of his cronies, they started comparing notes and voila he was exposed (his story). Adultery breads adultery now they’re whining about it! Not really much here.


Jay Asher should take the Donald Trump defense!

Always look for the best in people FIRST, as in one of many examples, Donald looked for creditability in Roy Moore, even though nine women that did not know each other, came forth and accused Roy Moore of sexually abusing them in the past, barring the fact that some were underage.

Therefore, facetiously, all Jay Asher has to do is call president Trump and tell him to go on CNN and say; “ We wish Jay Asher well; he worked hard; it’s a tough time for him; we hope he had a great career; oh and by the way he says he’s innocent.” That’s it, for Donald, no “due process” is needed. The irony again is when conversely Donald accused the Central Park Five by taking out a one page add in the New York Times of their obvious guilt without a trial and due process! Priceless.

Conservative Christians, if we have to have a GOP president, pray for the return of George Bush, whereas, he doesn’t look that bad now!


Salem witch hunts but the fearsome hashtag has become the metaphorical burning stake.

these liberals own rules, such as accusations equal guilt without due process, are starting to bite them in the ass.

I don’t get it. If he (or someone else) has done something illegal, why isn’t he charged? If proven and found guilty – then punished. If found innocent of charges, then vindicated. At what point did we change from a nation of laws into a nation of social media lynch mob vigilantes?

Yep. The hashtag has become the new scarlet letter. I for one find it quite amusing watching all of these social media snowflakes Implode.



Obviously you haven’t been watching Donald Trump and gang imploding in trying to defend MANY accused of sexual misconduct, like Donald supporting Roy Moore, even though he was accused for child molestation in the past. Barring the fact that the “Donald” is accused by fourteen women of sexual misconduct as well.

Can you even imagine if a Democrat in office was accused in the same manner? The GOP would have a three year non-stop Congressional select committee investigating said person, just like the Bengazi affair that went absolutely nowhere, along with Hillary Clinton’s emails, that had 14 investigations, going nowhere.

Funny how the Conservative “family values” go by the wayside when it concerns one of their political people, huh? Can you spell I-R-O-N-Y? Sure you can.


It seems everyone in this society has an ax to grind, thus I place no value in accusations, only in accusations corroborated by facts and evidence. The U.S. Is a country of laws and the accused has the right to presumption of innocence and due process, particularly when accusations are decades old.


The irony of your statement, and relative to Donald Trump, is he accused five black teens without any DUE PROCESS whatsoever, and that you allegedly hold in high esteem, of murdering a women in Central Park. Donald’s lack of “due process” went as far as taking out a full page ad in the New York Times in showing his ignorance upon the law!

Subsequently, the five teens were not guilty through DNA testing and another admitting to the crime. Where was the “Sexual Predator Donald Trump” in apologising to these grown men later on as they spent years in prison for NOTHING! Why didn’t he make it known that they were NOT the culprits after his embarrassing faux pas in the first place?

Whereas, these men in later life had to watch for their safety because the dumbfounded sheep still believed in Trump’s grandstanding assertion, and still thought they were held culpable for these murders? The ignorant Trump could have helped in this matter by admitting he was WRONG and LIED, but this fool will never admit to being wrong as continually shown daily.

UPDATE: current EMBARRASSING LIES performed by Donald Trump to date:

GOP “Transfer of Wealth to the Already Wealthy” Republicans must be so proud. Furthermore, to the pseudo-christians that follow Donald, ask yourself so as not to be a hypocrite, WWJD regarding the actions of the “Donald?” Yes, the “Donald” should be smelling “sulfur” 24/7/365!


Why is Donald trump germane to this article? Is this your personal forum to rant against the current administration?

Your blather is longer than the articles that you are allegedly commenting on.



Facetiously, you sound like you can’t read a post of length any more than Donald Trump can. I am commenting upon this article where this one just so happens to be in alignment with Donald Trump. Its just like Hannity and FAUX NEWS, therefore you should be used to this ploy, are you not?




Uh, you continued the dialog on Donald Trump with your weak refutation posted above at 02/14/2018 at 5:41pm, and now you have the audacity in questioning me on why I continued upon Donald Trump’s despicable modus operandi??? Surely you jest.


actually i have a vague recollection, sometime in the late 90’s. now what was his name, Bill something.



Correcto! Bill was investigated for years and then impeached. Fast forward to today, with the “plethora” of sinful acts that are hovering around President Trump at this time, where embarrassingly the GOP are twisting themselves into pretzels with comical spin in trying to hide the “Donald” from his previous misdeeds.

Nunsense, try and learn a simple objective, DONALD TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT NOW, NOT BILL CLINTON, understand?! Two wrongs don’t make a right in this case of sexual misconduct between the two, where Donald’s sexual misdeeds make Bill Clinton look like he was at a Boy Scout picnic with chaperones!

Therefore, Mr. Clinton went through his investigations, and now it is Donald Trump’s turn to do the same. It’s MUELLER time!

The GOP’s “Party of Wealth Transfer“ to the already rich, and making the middle class pay for this ungodly act as shown ad infinitum, helps turn themselves into insidious spin doctors so the inept base will continue to follow like lemmings, at the expense of the whole.