Depression is not an excuse for deception

February 21, 2018

Supervisor Adam Hill


On Feb. 10, the Tribune ran San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s letter touting depression as his excuse for misbehavior.

Depression and deception both start with the letter “D,” Mr. Hill, but depressed people are not compelled to deceive. On the other hand, it should depress you that your chronic deception is, predictably, recognized by more and more of the public.

The Tribune should have recognized your blemished character when you impersonated your election opponent in a phone message left for Sheila Blake, accusing her of being a Communist, a Socialist or maybe a Marxist, after she’s published a letter opposing Pismo’s Los Robles Del Mar development. That should have been the tip-off.

An honest elected representative does not threaten to withhold county grants to entities helping the poor, after finding out individuals helping those non-profits serve the poor have endorsed an opponent. These were not one-offs.

Too many of your apologies and promises to change have come and gone, all unfulfilled Mr. Hill. Stop being depressed. Stop trying to fool friends, competitors, the press and the public. Stop fooling yourself. You are not the great and indispensable Supervisor. Resign. Be happy. Resign to make your constituents happy.

Open the way for Governor Jerry Brown to swiftly fill your seat with an honest temporary representative of Third District voters until the 2020 election.

Stew Jenkins  is a San Luis Obispo public interest lawyer who handles municipal law, estate planning and family law. In 2012, he successfully obtained an injunction against the City of San Luis Obispo to stop it criminalizing poor people (with Adam Hill support of the city’s program) as a means of driving them out of town. Jenkins supports rights to equal justice, to organize unions, to project labor agreements, to health care and to equal dignity.

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With all due respect, Adam Hill must go, and the sooner the better.

The taxpaying public has been forced to pay Hill’s salary and endure his juvenile antics for too long, and Mr. Hill is now beyond redemption.

Adam Hill must resign.

Just saying,

George Bailey

Break out the pitchforks. You liberals are never satisfied.

Making hillls constituents happy might be tough, they elected him, but it sure as hell would make the rest of us happy, but the next problem is that the fool we have for a governor might put caren ray in as a temp sup, thats not good either, although she might be a step up from hill.

I’m also depressed. Even more than Adam Hill. I think I’d feel better with a position of power….where I can push my personal agenda, hinder others, engage in political dirty tricks, accept bribes, have lots on conflict of interest and generally act like a jerk.

That’s where we want depressed folks…in positions of power.

Some sarcasm was used in the making of this post.

Nothing less than a resignation will justify Hill’s claim of depression and/or mental health issues and his desire to seek help.

Most know his desire is not to seek help but to have the taxpayers pay for his extended and possibly permanent vacation/retirement. His talks with county council continue and they are trying to figure out a way to have the taxpayers pick up the tab and if they are successful expect the announcement to follow.

I am glad to see someone speak out about Mr. Hill using depression as an excuse for his inappropriate and childish behavior. Depression is a serious illness and many suffer in silence so for Mr. Hill to use this as his excuse is disheartening. I do not know Mr. Hill nor does he represent my district but if he did, I would not vote for him just because of his blaming depression for his outrageous unacceptable behavior. My distant observation of Mr. Hill is he is a bully. I know there are medications and talk therapy to help individuals with depression; I don’t know the if there is a medical remedy for bullying. Please Mr. Hill don’t use depression as your excuse as there are to many good and honest people who struggle daily with depression and it’s side affects.