Bicyclist crashes into car in rural Arroyo Grande

February 22, 2018

A bicyclist suffered major injuries after colliding with a vehicle Wednesday afternoon in rural Arroyo Grande. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 3 p.m., the driver and the bicyclist were traveling on Huasna Road when the bicyclist turned left towards Lopez Drive in front of the automobile, the driver told officers. Both CHP and Arroyo Grande police officers arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

Officials are not releasing the current condition of the driver at this time.

Officers closed the area to traffic for about 30 minutes following the collision.

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How do you feel about pedestrians outside of the crosswalk lines?

You are a couple of angry trolls. I applaud you for not letting the puny bicyclists keep you from the gas station.

This county is a terrible place to ride a bicycle period. Most of the residents are old, fat, lazy, rich

Republicans. They don’t give a damn if they kill

someone with their huge Cadillacs or whatever. They don’t ever ride, walk, or ever exercise. M.A.G.A.

That’s right!


Obviously, you are not out and about early in the morning or later in the day to see the elderly walking and jogging, and yes, some riding their bikes. I do not understand why the CHP or police to do not ticket bike riders that ride side-by-side. I am willing to give bikes 3 feet of the road paid available to you from GAS TAX MONEY for your pleasure but I am not willing to put my life in danger by crossing a solid double line or anything else because you and your pal want to ride side-by-side. Bicycles have the same responsiblity as all vehicles to observe the laws of the road by stopping at stop signs and lights, courtesy to pedestrians, staying in your lane and if it is not available, get off the bike and walk it and don’t think you have the right to drive in a vehicle land with consequences. Stay safe and please pay attention to the vehicle behind, next to or in front of you, that is your responsibility!

1waterluvr have you ever thought about getting off your rear end and riding a bicycle? Maybe you could get some exercise and get a reality check!

Funny sweethome, Think those four spandex wearing fakers ran off because i’m fat and out shape? You or your little peddle buddies come work for me for a day, you would be on your knees puking with fatigue by 9am

Passed four of these spandex wearing jerks the other day on a very narrow and busy road. They where riding side by side in conversation and well into traffic lane. There was plenty of room in the bike lane and they should of been riding single file. I was not about to cross a double yellow and risk head on collision with oncoming traffic. So I continued on track and probably got close. Guess it angered them, and they caught me at the gas station and started harassing. Four on one. When I got out and stood up to them, they took off like the wimps they are. Arrogant and stupid brats! Common sense should make a person realize you don’t stand a chance against a vehicle from behind at 45 MPH. I will never cross a double yellow bicyclist…You lose!

And I suppose you have no idea what that brake pedal is for?

The bicyclist should be cited.

It’s about time these bicycle psychos are made to be responsible!


Bicycle psychos? Wow, where did all that compassion come from?

It comes from encounter after encounter with bicyclists who think they don’t need to follow the rules of the road, and the attitude that they are doing us all a favor by riding a rinky-dink vehicle (a bicycle) amongst 2000lb-plus vehicles flying down the road at 40, 50, 60+ miles per hour….it is inherently extremely dangerous; it is so ridiculous that it borders on major stupidity! I get super irritated that I have to pay super close attention whenever I am around bikes, because you can count on one of them not following the rules, but who knows which one, or when, or even if they will violate road rules for a particular encounter. And the penalty for a mistake is so huge…not a fender bender, but instead, a dead person. This uncertainty and potential for disaster generates terribly unsafe and stressful driving conditions for vehicle drivers (and bicyclists obviously), stress that I am frankly sick and tired of. So, yeah, when a bicyclists gets run over riding down a road filled with 2000lb vehicles moving at 50 mph, sympathy does not come into my mind, stupidity is what pops into my mind. And people behaving stupidly whilst sporting the attitude just pisses me off all the more. All that being said, I wish bicyclists could have a safe place to ride, it would be better for all. But the notion that ending up dead while riding on your toy amongst 2 ton vehicles (often with drivers who are not paying attention, it is just reality folks, a reality that will never change) is somehow anything other than your own fault is just plain irresponsible. You are not accepting the outcome of the your own poor decision making…that you are in fact taking a HUGE RISK WITH YOUR LIFE EVERY TIME you ride your bike down a vehicle road.