SLO County selects new public works director, Hill back at work

February 28, 2018

Supervisor Adam Hill

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to do a background check and attempt to negotiate a contract with the board’s undisclosed choice for the job of public works director. [Cal Coast Times]

In Nov. 2017, the board voted unanimously to appoint then public works director Wade Horton to the county’s administrative officer position. On Tuesday, the board went into closed session to consider several candidates vying for the public works director job.

On Tuesday, Supervisor Adam Hill arrived late at the first board meeting he has attended since his Feb. 9 announcement that he would be taking time off to deal with mental health issues. Following multiple allegations of bullying and threats, Hill said he needed to take time off to deal with his depression and frequent outbursts.



  1. SLOBIRD says:

    Rumors at the Courthouse have it that his assistant is not on the job (no one knows way) and that he has been gathering a paper trail regarding a Worker’s Comp Claim. Can you file a claim for a long standing health problem before you job enhanced with drugs and drinking?

  2. rukidding says:

    Well I guess the kitchen has cooled down and he’s back. Any guess on how long it will take until his smoke alarm goes off again?

  3. Shocked in MB says:

    Don’t you understand how it works, I am a celebrity or politician, I make a mistake, I go to “at-home-rehab” for a short time, I return reborn/cleansed. That’s easier than confession in the Catholic church

  4. discloser says:

    Mark Burns, do you think it’s time now to take action????

  5. kayaknut says:

    We have to guess Hill and county council were not able to figure out a way for the taxpayers to continue to pay for his vacation or retirement so he had to come back, but be assured they will continue to look for a way to make it happen.

  6. Julie says:

    AH Cured! Amen!

  7. Slosum says:

    Adam has no place to go…. so…. just ignore him.

  8. TKG says:

    He’s Baaaack…pretty short time for a cure.

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