Officers find body while searching for missing SLO woman

March 26, 2018

Kristen Marti

The search for a missing San Luis Obispo woman on Sunday turned up a dead body that police say appears to be female and is being investigated as a homicide. However, authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the individual. [Cal Coast Times]

Kristen Marti, 26, has not been seen or in contact with friends or family since Jan. 9. Marti was last seen in the 1800 block of Perfumo Canyon Road in a parked maroon colored sedan. She was with an unknown man at the time, whom police say is a person of interest in the case.

On Sunday, police detectives along with SLO County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team personnel conducted a large-scale search for Marti in Perfumo Canyon. A total of 45 Search and Rescue Team volunteers participated in the search, as did six K-9 teams.

During the search, a K-9 team located a body in a creek near the roadway in Perfumo Canyon. SLO County coroner investigators and the Sheriff’s Dive Team came out to the scene to assist with the recovery of the body.

The coroner’s unit will perform an autopsy to determine the identity of the person, as well as the cause of death. Police say the death is being investigated as a homicide because of the circumstances surround the investigation.

Police have identified the person of interest, but they are not releasing his identity because of the ongoing investigation, according to a police. Investigators request that anyone who has information about Marti’s disappearance contact the SLO Police Deaprtment or Crime Stoppers.


The original story in calcoast seems to hint at the fact that she may have been a prostitute (was known to frequent slo hotels). If that is the case, shouldn’t they be warning women? Am I totaling missing something?


“Totally” missing something?


So young and very pretty…so very tragic.


Very strange. Two and half months later and they find a body where she was last seen. Why did they wait so long to search?, makes no sense. Suppose this was a car crash, one would think time is somewhere in there as a critical level of importance.