SLO High school student arrested for alleged hate crimes

March 7, 2018

San Luis Obispo police arrested a SLO High School student last week who allegedly bullied, threatened and engaged in a physical altercation with an autistic and possibly non-heterosexual student. The suspect in the case is charged with a hate crime. [Cal Coast Times]

Both the suspect and alleged victim are 15-year-old males who attend San Luis Obispo High School. Authorities have not released either of their identities.

The suspect is accused of bullying the autistic student since the beginning of the school year. He sent threatening and derogatory text messages relating to the autistic student’s special needs and perceived sexual orientation, police said.

The suspect threatened to physically assault the victim because of his autism, and a physical altercation between the two individuals occurred at SLO High in late February, according to the police department. After discovering the victim filed a police report, the suspect approached the autistic student and threatened him.

Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect and took him into custody at the police station without incident on March 1. Officers booked the suspect into juvenile hall on charges of misdemeanor criminal threats, felony hate crime and felony witness intimidation.

The teen’s bail was set at $75,000.


Education becomes indoctrination


Sad times when a kid and his parents have no recourse but to go to the police. At my high school, when word got out that this bully was picking on an autistic kid, he would have gotten a beating every day after school until it stopped. They were better days.


Guaranteed if you follow this hateful kid, you will see his name again, and not in a good way. This is exactly the future adult that should be denied ownership of a gun. And the chances are his parents are not shining examples of citizenship. I know there are exceptions, but statistically, this type of behavior is fostered, or at least, not corrected at home.


If the felonies stick, he will not pass a firearms background check. Nor will he vote, unless Jerry Brown and his ilk contort the law.


Very sad in this day and age and especially against a Special Needs Student! Where were the suspect’s parent’s notified early on, and why was this allowed to continue since the start of the year. Where were the suspects parents?


Where were his parents? They were most likely cheering him on. Or at the very least grossly apathetic.

This behavior doesn’t spring forth from a vacuum.

Bigotry and hate are not innate conditions of the human race. They must be taught along the way. I am not saying the parent taught this, but based on the alleged behavior there certainly wasn’t a countermanding lesson offered by them along the way.

It is not hard to tell your kids to respect people. Not to hit people. Not to pick on people. It is easy to teach your kids about GRACE and how to extend it to others. It is empowering for them. They will become builders–not destroyers if their cornerstone is based on a bedrock of GRACE.

And by extending this abuser a tab bit of grace along they way he may see the error of his ways and learn a lesson that should have been taught to him long ago. Grace is available at any time to anyone. I hope this young abuser get a dose while dealing with this, then decides to give a dose once the lesson is learned.


My daughter (slo high student) thinks the bully’s mother overdosed last year. Don’t know about the dad situation.