SLO County Jail inmate attacks guard

March 7, 2018

Joseph Baker

A San Luis Obispo County Jail inmate attacked a guard on Tuesday and broke both his nose and orbital bone, according to the county sheriff’s office. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 12:30 p.m., 27-year-old Joseph Allen Baker, of Nipomo, charged at a sheriff’s correctional deputy who was gathering inmates to take them to a different part of the jail. Baker then punched the jail guard multiple times around the head and face, according to the sheriff’s office.

The guard managed to subdue Baker while other deputies arrived to assist. An ambulance transported the injured deputy to a local hospital.

Deputies rearrested Baker and charged him with assaulting a peace officer. Baker has been in jail since being arrested by Paso Robles police on Feb. 25 for violating his parole and obstructing or resisting an officer.


Idiot just got himself more time to serve. Maximum penalty, and no biscuits and gravy for Sunday breakfast!

George Bailey


I see Joseph Baker thinks he is a real tough guy, so I say we should put him in a cell with Bubba, and let Bubba show him a real ‘tough’ time.

If he doesn’t learn anything else, it will be to not be a pain in the rear!

George Bailey

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