Cal Poly police arrest teen protester

April 24, 2018

A 15-year-old animal rights activist chained herself to a gate outside the Cal Poly meat processing center in attempt to stop the slaughter of a cow on Monday. University police arrested the girl for trespassing, video shows. [Cal Coast Times]

Zoe Rosenberg hopped a fence along with a woman who was also participating in the animal rights activism event. The two females then chained themselves to the gate and livestreamed the incident, with Rosenberg doing much of the talking.

Rosenberg said she has an animal sanctuary where more than 150 animals live.

“We are asking that they send this beautiful cow to my sanctuary, Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary, where she can live the life that she deserves,” Rosenberg said.

The teen activist said she was nicknaming the cow slated to be slaughtered “Justice.”

“We’re asking for Justice to be released, and we’re asking for justice for her,” Rosenberg said.

Additionally, the teen took aim at Cal Poly and the university’s animal science program, claiming they are illegally torturing and killing animals. Rosenberg also said that is traumatizing students.

“For you animal science majors you are required to learn how to kill animals and that is horrible,” Rosenberg said.

Shortly after Rosenberg and her fellow activist chained themselves to the gate, university police officers arrived at the scene.

The officers offered Rosenberg and the woman multiple chances to leave peacefully without getting arrested. Rosenberg said she would not leave unless the cow goes to her sanctuary and that there is no peace when animals are being killed.

When an officer asked Rosenberg to place her hands behind her back, the teen responded, “Where is the cow?”

Eventually officers arrested Rosenberg and her fellow activist while other activists stood, watched, screamed and filmed the incident.

“Where is justice?” the activists screamed.

Cal Fire personnel came out to the scene to break the chain tied to the fence and the activists.


I’ll bet her Mommy (Dearest) beats her with wire hangers. She’s probably better off locked up in juvenile hall.


Utterly ridiculous. What a gullabull


No Justice no beef!

Jorge Estrada

She and here mom should be feed nothing but broccoli for a couple of day in jail so that they can stink about it for awhile. I believe their suasion stinks too.


You don’t have to agree with this girl. That’s what our country is about.

She stood up for what she believes in. She accepted the consequences. She is brave.


I could not be more diametrically opposed to this girls opinions, but I am impressed as hell that she did something about it. Most kids today express their opinions on social media by bitching and whining, but never put down the Nintendo controller long enough to “get involved”. Maybe growing up in the 60’s has something to do with how I feel, but this girl did what she felt was best in the situation. GOOD FOR HER! Now excuse me, my bacon is burning.


Do you REALLY think that this is Zoe’s passion? Or is this just another case of parents living out unfulfilled lives through there kids? No different that fathers who force their sons to play football, or Asian parents that force their 3 year olds to take piano lessons. I’m thinking Mom has already taught Zoe how to burn her bra and not shave her legs.


There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds vote. There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds drink or take drugs. There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds drive cars. There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds own guns. There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds get married (without parental permission). There is a reason we don’t let 15 year-olds serve in the army. etc etc etc.

Because they are immature and inexperience. Miss Rosenberg is demonstrating that to us.


Here, here for PITA, that would be “people eating tasty animals” Better send the county to her place to investigate the likely “hoarder” type inhumane conditions their living in.


Could we be seeing a teen who feels she didn’t get enough attention as a child and now is happy she is getting her 15 minutes? and a police record.


Or maybe it’s just a young person with really strong beliefs who is trying out her voice, and is willing to take the consequences for those beliefs?


It’s just that, rellim! What you experience here is just a bunch of keyboard commando cupcakes that don’t have one ounce of courage to take a stance that might bring some consequence. It’s also the oh-so typical jealousy of those who have a set and are willing to show them. Let these folks rule the day and our 1st Amendment Rights would be gone in a New York minute, with some using the barrel of their 2nd Amendment Right to make sure it happens.

Washington DC is considering allowing 16 year olds to vote, how ’bout that? And why not, huh?!!! They’re expected to die as an adult when a classmate turns a gun on them so why not be allowed to vote as an adult.

I get sick of this type of chit from my home town! Intolerant a**holes spewin’ their bullchit with little or no thought of what they say or how it sounds as fascist as any thing Goebbels ever put out….

This world is gonna be theirs one day and from the “adult ” attitudes shown here CCN it can’t happen too soon!