Five Oceano men attempt to kidnap and rape two women

April 24, 2018

Five Oceano men are in jail after they snatched two victims from a Santa Maria night club Sunday with the intent to rape them, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 2:30 a.m., the two women were approached by the men in the night club. The men then grabbed the victims and forced them into a nearby vehicle.

A witness to the incident at the nightclub called 911. Shortly afterwards, one of the victims managed to escape while at Main and Bonita streets and also called 911.

Officers arrived, arrested the suspects and booked them into the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Each of the suspects are charged with kidnapping with the intent to commit rape. Santa Maria police have identified the suspects as Jose Octavio Perez, 56; Jorge Alvarez Manzano, 53; Joel Verduzco Mendoza, 24; Salvador Cerna Mendoza, 39; and Jose Mendoza Cerna, 30.


GO ahead and deport them if you like. That is if CA is willing put aside politics and its ridiculous support of illegals (which is the reason we have these incidents). They’ll come back here in time anyways.

If they are legal citizens, we may be able to give them a proper punishment.


Beneath The Identarian’s sarcasm lies a deeply disturbed racist underbelly


The identarian doesn’t know they are illegals, but they are criminals and is stating that employers who hire illegals should have some accountability if said illegals commit crimes. Supply demand curve, if no demand for illegals (employers too scared to hire them) then a lot less supply. These menaces to society may be citizens. We don’t know. The assumption that they are illegal might be incorrect, but How is knocking employers who hire illegals racist?

Come up with cogent arguments. It’s too easy to cry racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, and it is getting quite tiresome.

The Identarian

oh come on. The Identarian has many friends, including those of Mexican origin. There should be a connection between employing illegals and paying for the crimes they commit. An employer who benefits from illegal labor should be responsible to helping pay the crimes his illegally employed persons commit. We ARE a country of laws are we not?


Will they be deported….hope so. But does Santa Maria police cooperate with Fed. agents? If not, they’ll be free to commit more crimes in the future.


It makes sense, all of the criminals are from Oceano, so go to Santa Maria to commit your crimes because you know Santa maria police will not work with ICE or the Feds and you will go free. See Mayor Patino and the city council’s policies are reducing crime, but only in other cities.

The Identarian

They’re here to improve their lives. Perhaps their employers should be made to pay some costs. Knowingly employing criminal aliens should be an offense offset by fines and penalties when society gets whacked, like in this case.


“Knowingly employing criminal aliens should be an offense offset by fines and penalties when society gets whacked, like in this case.”

So you want to be held responsible when your employees commit crimes on there own time? Or is this really just about Hispanics and regular criminals get a pass ?


Santa Maria has “nightclubs?” More like dive bars.