Holland family reveals $40,000 donation to Jimmy Paulding

April 5, 2018

Jimmy Paulding

Following multiple allegations that District 4 supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding has not been transparent because he refused to identify several large donors, the family of Andrew Holland announced they had donated $40,000 to Paulding in early March. [Cal Coast Times]

Andrew Holland, a mentally ill man, died in January 2017 at the age of 36 after jail guards left him strapped in a restraint chair. Last July, the SLO County Board of Supervisors settled with Holland’s family for $5 million.

“It is time that the Holland Family publicly announce that we were the donors who anonymously matched a $40,000 fundraising effort for Jimmy Paulding, which eventually allowed him to raise more than $112,000 over a two-and-a-half-week period,” the Holland Family Alliance said in an email. “The way our elected officials, including the Board of Supervisors, handled the tragic death of Andrew Holland is deeply disturbing.”

Following Holland’s death, the county implemented “13 significant changes” to improve the treatment of inmates with mental health issues at the county jail, Compton said in response to the Holland’s announcement.

“The Holland family suffered a tragic loss,” Compton said in an email to Cal Coast Times. “However, after I voted to implement these reforms and pay a $5 million medical malpractice insurance settlement to the Holland family, I find it disconcerting that the Holland Family Alliance would make a $40,000 contribution to my political opponent and question my commitment to serving the constituents of the 4th District.”

Specifically, the family accused Supervisor Lynn Compton of covering for other officials by classified Holland’s death as medical malpractice.

“The cover up of Andrew Holland’s death at the county jail is widespread and far reaching,” the family said in an email. “Lynn Compton’s misleading efforts to classify the case as ‘medical malpractice’ to cover for other elected officials is shameful.”

Supervisor Lynn Compton

After county counsel negotiated the $5 million settlement with the Holland family, the county’s medical malpractice insurance companies paid more than $4.9 million to the Hollands, with only a small portion of the settlement paid through the county’s general fund. The Holland family, who does not agree with the classification, finds SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, along with a group of deputies at the jail, primarily responsible for the death of Andrew Holland.

The Holland Family has aligned their political endeavors with the SLO County Progressives, donating to several Progressive candidates including $25,000 to the challenger in the county sheriff race and another $25,000 to the candidate attempting to unseat the county’s district attorney.

Following Holland’s death, the FBI opened an investigation into the deaths — now 12 — that have occurred at the SLO County Jail since 2012. Officials from the county district attorney’s office said they were not investigating the deaths because of the ongoing FBI investigation.

Hollands’ family has said neither Parkinson, nor District Attorney Dan Dow, are performing their jobs properly and that the two law enforcement officials maintain a close relationship with one another. The family then put their financial support behind former police officer Greg Clayton, who is running for sheriff against Parkinson, and retired judge Mike Cummins, who is challenging Dow.

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Wow Carty & Sharon , Really ? I think if Jorge looks the Holland’s all of them have done rather well for them selves, they are hard working , in general well balanced people, but the roots of their concepts are they are kind Rogue like,

and if they dislike some thing , and are upset , its a good idea to look out , So if your on the wrong end of them , well its not a good place to be .. I know a good design guy they can hire!!! The concept that these people just happened into money and have no clue… is wrong, flat out.. all you have to do is call MR. Holland ,and ask him about life.. He is wise, has common sense ,and is down to Earth. Money Or Not.

What I find disconcerting is that Lynn Compton comment. 5 million dollars and voting for “13 significant changes” does not and will never bring back Andrew Holland. He died a horrific death. Sorry, money can’t buy everything Lynn.

She’s a conservative, she should understand that the Holland family can spend their money however they see fit. They obviously want to oust the people who allowed these barbaric policies to go on and on. Guess we are only cool with justice and supporting candidates when there is a big ol’ “R” next to the name. Wow.

I would like to suggest that Jimmy Paulding move into Adam Hill’s district, and then run to be the representative of that district.

I feel that Lynn Compton has done the kind of job that merits reelection, and I also feel that Jimmy Paulding would be an improvement over Adam Hill, plus it would give Mr. Hill an opportunity to seek effective treatment for his mental health issues.

Importantly, Jimmy Paulding WOULD NOT be an upgrade over Lynn Compton, in fact, he would most assuredly team with Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson to take us backwards and raise our taxes.


What a complete mess… what a waste of money and a waste of effort…. the insurance company’s money should have been directed towards the real issues that caused Andy H to be locked up, his paranoid schizophrenia. He was violent, unmedicated and poorly served in custody. NO question about that. So many more like Andy are loose on the streets and in the creek right now. And yet, this game to “get even” and put the community at risk with these bizarre extremists who are bent on imposing bizarre totalitarian world views on us. This is such a sad legacy evolving on this tragic situation. The dysfunction is spilling into incredibly destructive directions, so sad. In the end, incumbents will be re-elected and the Regressives will walk away from this issue, forget the Hollands and bounce onto the next topic/victims they think will help them.

Residents of Nipomo should be very worried about this guy. It has been made clear that he will vote with Adam Hill. Adam Hill has made it clear that he hates Nipomo and would rather see the town rot than allocate funds for a skate park and other parks. This means Paulding will definitely vote against anything that will help Nipomo. Every Nipomo resident needs to be aware of this, HE WILL NOT FIGHT FOR YOU!!! Paulding only released the name of his anonymous donor because the news reported on it. Jimmy, don’t take advice from a man who takes bribes from developers. Oh yeah Adam, and if you think that is going to go away, you are highly mistaken as well.

So it’s all about Nipomo?? All 5 supervisors vote on issues affecting the entire county.

A sad situation. Much has been written about Holland’s unfortunate death and the loss of a son. I thought with the family forming a foundation to better treat mental illness that the family was heading in the right direction. Not so. It look’s like they’re after vengeance rather than focusing on doing something constructive. For them to give $40,000 (that won’t go to the Andrew Holland foundation) to the cause of the Progressives is sad indeed.

I hate to tell you TKG, but vengeance is an “eye for an eye”. Putting money behind a political candidate who you believe supports your views is not “vengeance”; it is called political activism. Democratic Republic 101.

Always so much hyperbole from you.

How and where the Hollands spend their money should not be a concern of yours. (Especially for someone who claims to be conservative) It is their money to spend as they see fit.

As someone who previously stated that you know this family; you have no understanding of depth of their grief, or how they are working through it to find purpose once again? If you did, you would not feel compelled to continually “comment” about your neighbors.

Nor do I think you have a heartfelt desire to do so and to use your words that is;sad.

First I will preface my comment with no disrespect to the life lost and the illness that preceded. That said the phrase, “easy come easy goes” is for those who did not work for their money. An example would be the Lottery winners who gains instant wealth and spend it almost as fast. Then again there is a phenomena where some people subconsciously know that they do not deserve a large compensation and do ridiculous things to give it away, like gambling large sums. Then again it is perfectly legal to self justify a correction and pay for it, again and again.

Do you really think their money “came easy”? Their son was hog-tied and killed while in the care of the Sheriff’s dept.

Your comment cannot be taken without a modicum of “disrespect for life” if you think their insurance payout came easy.

Easy come easy go? How much is an eye worth to you Jorge? How about one of your kids? You can pick the one the SLO Sheriff’s department tortures to death. They’ll even video it for you. Unbelievable.