Huge home development proposed in Paso Robles

April 4, 2018

The city of Paso Robles is taking public input on a proposed 915-home development along the city’s southeastern edge. [Cal Coast Times]

Known as the Beechwood development, the project is located on an approximately 236-acre property between Meadowlark Road, Beechwood Drive and Creston Road. The city has already approved a specific plan for the area that envisions development at the site.

Project plans call for mostly single family homes, as well as some apartments, duplexes and triplexes. Additionally, there would be some commercial development and open space.

On April 11, Paso Robles planners will take comments from the public on potential environmental issues during an open house held at 5:30 p.m. at Peterson Elementary School. Peterson Elementary is located in close proximity to the proposed development site.

Some neighbors have already expressed concerns about the Beechwood development.

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This is any city within SLO Co. lines game plan for the next 20 years, as well as SLO County”s grand scheme-

1. Build more houses anywhere.

2. Tax citizens more

3. Sell public water for private gain (the Resnick”s come to mind).

4. Look the other way.

Paso is turning into a wino cluster, 101 is a mess and there needs to be another bridge across the rapidly drying Salinas River south of the current Niblick bridge. The City is not planning quality of life, it is planning a well funded disaster with more funding to be required by the consequences. Never mind the anticipated trek to SLO for jobs and the summer cool air. The squeeze through the Cuesta Grade Corridor will just impact the County Public Works for the needed remedy, Caltrans?….ha ha ha, their funding requires a pile of bodies first. Oh! Who counts the bodies? Good guess, the same budget that allocates the funding.

In Paso, “taking public input” means pretending to listen to residents…but then moving forward to do whatever the city staff wants. (A recent example–the Creston Road project.)

Besides, 4 of the 5 councilmen just rubber stamp the proposals of city staff and planning comm anyway. This upcoming open house forum is a farce. Unless some endangered rodent or native American burial sites are found in that area, this massive project will move forward.

I only trust one guy on that council to listen to locals, ask pertinent questions and not just go along w/whatever staff proposals come along. Paso locals know who that councilman is.

As for the others–Hamon stands to gain a lot of $$$ (900 homes equals lots of new garage doors).

As usual, Strong will boast about how many grants the city will qualify for in order to pay for the massive road work that will be needed on Charlois, Creston, Beechwood, and Meadowlark Roads.

Mayor Martin will talk about progress & how we should embrace growth and change…

And Gregory will just go along w/staff’s direction as he does 99% of the time.

Build, build, build–that’s the Paso way now.

Hotels? Sure!

NINE HUNDRED new residences? Absolutely!

Yes, the roads in that area are in disrepair and too narrow to accommodate thousands of new residents but oh well!

Mayor Martin and 3 of the other councilmen do not seem to care about water shortages, inadequate infrastructure, dramatically increased traffic, etc.

Build, build, build!

I think that every developer needs a plan to solve the problem of water and roads. We still have communities in SLO County on water restrictions. We have so much traffic on the 101 as it is, and our small communities need roads to accommodate all this growth. Why is this so hard to understand?

Mr. Jon Tatro is absolutely correct in his comments about the City of Paso Robles water shortage?The City Council has been disingenuous with the citizens of Paso Robles for many years in regards to this commodity. Of course, that does not phase most of our City Councilmen at all. We are being ruled by an oligarchy that displays a lot of “Chutzpa”.Also, our water and sewage rates continue to increase and now being charged a Water Monthly flat Rate of $6.25. What a fiasco!

Well that’s just brilliant Paso Robles City Council, send out a notice telling all citizens that you’re raising prices for water because it’s such a precious resource which you want us to conserve and you go out and allow 3,000 more people into the town to take away more of that “precious resource”. Every one of you council members is a lying hypocrite.