molestation charges against Nipomo wrestling coach

April 6, 2018

Justin Magdaleno

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office has recommended that SLO County prosecutors file sexual molestation charges against the former girls wrestling coach at Nipomo High School. [Cal Coast Times]

Justin Magdaleno, a Nipomo High School teacher and wrestling coach, was placed on administrative leave last fall when the Lucia Mar Unified School District launched an investigation into allegations of sexually inappropriate contact with some girls on the wrestling team. About 10 members of the girls wrestling team accused Magdaleno of making inappropriate comments about their bodies. Other students accused the coach of inappropriate touching.

Following a multi-month investigation of its own, the sheriff’s office sent a report to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office recommending charges of lewd acts with a minor under 14 years old and annoying or molesting a child under 18. The district attorney’s office is currently reviewing the report.

Thus far, there have been no charges filed against the coach. Magdaleno resigned as wrestling coach last year. It is unclear if he is still on administrative leave from his teaching position.

Magadaleno founded the girls wrestling team at Nipomo High in 2013, after having taught at the school for about four years. Married with a young child, Magdaleno was teaching psychology and government at Nipomo High School when he was placed on leave.


A 30’s something male teacher that worked at the same school with my sister was arrested for allegedly fondling a 14 yo female student. He was immediately placed on leave (not sure if it was paid or unpaid). His picture was posted in the local press along with an article about his arrest. Months later, just before the trial was to begin, the accuser recanted her story. She confessed that she made the accusation on a whim to avoid taking a test that she hadn’t studied for. The teacher was later reinstated, as an obviously broken man. As far as my sister knew, the press never published a story about the false accusation.


How ’bout we wait till a court of law and a right to a jury of his peers makes the determination and not trial by social media which seem so incredibly popular these days. I don’t know this guy from Adam but for what this guy is accused of seems worthy of some deep investigation. Just what did he say about the groups bodies? Just how did he “touch” them. In a sporting environment, especially wrestling, a whole lot of innocent actions could be misconstrued. Seems like nowadays if you look at someone the wrong way or say something that hurt them in the feelz, you’re suddenly guilty of major crimes. If it’s more than that and it’s proven, then give him what he’s due. Either way, this keyboard social justice warrior crap is out of control in our society.


Wait now, this schlock is still around? String him up and lets move on!


The union will do their best to protect him and sweep any bad light under the rug.

Ted Slanders


If you were a teacher, it would be the same Union that would protect YOU if it was questionable if you were guilty or not.