SLO Progressives protest at local meetings, but is it working?

April 2, 2018

Even as the SLO County Progressives are celebrating their well attended rallies for change, their protests for the resignation of the sheriff because of the death of Andrew Holland at the county jail have resulted in outrage from other attendees at several town-hall meetings. [Cal Coast Times]

Approximately 120 people attended a sheriff’s town-hall meeting in Santa Margarita last week, including a small group of Progressives. While a handful of Progressive held up matching orange signs that said “lie,” as Sheriff Ian Parkinson spoke, Nick Andre filmed the meeting.

Andre serves as a co-chair for both the SLO County Progressives and the SLO County Democratic Party. He is also the owner of a political consulting firm that is paid by the campaigns of sheriff candidate Greg Clayton, district attorney candidate Mike Cummins, and District 4 supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding.

Following Parkinson’s speech, attendees were provided time for questions and answers. Several of the protesters read the same questions their group had asked at two earlier sheriff town-hall meetings, one held in Oceano and the other in Nipomo.

As the exchanges between Parkinson and several of the Progressives became heated, the protesters began interrupting Parkinson and members of the public attempting to ask questions.
Approximately a dozen attendees responded by yelling at the Progressives to let the sheriff talk, to knock it off and that they were out of order.

Wednesday’s meeting was the fourth time the Progressives have protested the death of Holland at local public meetings.

In late February, the protesters marched to the front of the SLO County Board of Supervisors chambers and refused to set back down. As a result, the morning session was shuttered. The Progressives have voiced plans to protest again at Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting.


The Slo Regressives could care less about Andrew Holland. They are using him…. and his family as a tool to forward their agenda and elect regressive candidates. I feel sorry for the Hollands and anyone who buys their crap.

The Identarian

On the bright side this is the Progs last stop in California before they get really frustrated and move to Oregon.

Ben Daho

It’s called DEMOCRACY. Have you ever considered WE THE PEOPLE? It’s NOT “Stunned” decides what is allowed…


PLEASE do not stop them, let them keep annoying everyone…it works for those who want to see their puppet candidates defeated.


Progress? How long will it be the nicest place? The real word will eventually get out.


Shouting, disrupting, interrupting, threatening, is not the way to win people to your side…

Ben Daho

It’s the ONLY thing that works. you sound like King George.


Honesty, integrity, working within the system of laws we have created….you guys should try it sometime.

George Bailey

We must deny the SLO Progressives a toehold into local politics, and it’s already bad enough to have to tolerate the nonsense of Adam Hill, Caren ray and Heidi Harmon. These snowflake babies are way too immature to deserve our support, and they will leave this area with bankrupt governments and illegal aliens criminals and leftists all over the place.

The SLO Progressives knew about the unfortunate death of Andrew Holland for months and did nothing, only to resort his death as a campaign strategy last month. The truth is, they do not care about Andrew Holland, they only care that they needed a campaign issue for their candidates to run on. Also, Nick Andre runs around like it is his right to disrupt public meetings, and when will law enforcement arrest him and his ilk when they do it again? If any average taxpayer shut down a public meeting, they would be arrested immediately and charged with trespassing.

The SLO Progressives must be smashed.



I am with you, George Go George!

Nick Andre go back to San Francisco and be with more compatible people and stop co-opting our wonderful county.


Why don’t the progressives lay the blame where it belongs county mental health? Also they should progress their selves out of existence.

Ben Daho

So, the Sheriff that has Hand cuffs, Guns, jail cells and authority over each breath you take in custody but.. Bygones. right? The prisons are FILLED with people that can pass the buck if they had Money.


Ben what you say makes no sense but then that does not matter. There are many at fault but all you progressives create such stupid rules that no one can solve the problems that show up when YOU OVER FILL THE JAILS and people cannot cope with their children even as adults and let the system take them in so many were involved in this.


I find it funny c.d. that the Regressives always confront this type situation by blaming the mental health system and then turn around and ignore the fact that the first budget cuts they, the Regressives, demand are from social services. Why is that? I also have often read the posts of the SLO Regressives here on CCN that belittle and demonize the mentally ill of this town and county, calling for them to be bussed elsewhere, taking away their service animals, etc. Why is that?

As much as you try and sound all American, with your bullshit “progress their selves out of existence”, you actually sound like more of an authoritarian one party person who would rather dictate than allow a democracy to do its thing. These “Progressives” have the Constitutional Right to protest, like that or not! And if you don’t like it? Regress right on out of here, there’s countries out there that fit your attitude much better…

One more thing… When you’re dealing with an elected official that cannot be fired it’s “politics” like this that has to be used to call attention to his or her misdeeds to try and influence his or her next election bid. I’m as sorry as anyone that Andrew Holland’s death is the straw that broke the camel’s back but it is what it is. Ian Parkinson is the head of a Sheriff’s Department that has a jail death rate 3 times the national average, that shouldn’t fit well with anyone, especially with the last one, Mr. Hollands, being preventable, and change is needed.


As it seems you know most everything and surely must have all of the answers could you layout how you would run the jail that is filled with some violent people, like murderers, child molesters, some not so violent and those that are mentally ill? But remember you have a limited budget and a Mental Health Department that appears it doesn’t want to accept the mentally ill from the jail when they are violent? Also Sheriff deputies are law enforcement officers and not psych techs, nor should they be.


I never said I had all the answers, and I don’t need them to have an opinion.

But I digress; rather than deflecting from my assertion why not address it? Address the fact that Regressives always call for mental health reform as a cure-all for shit like this while at the same time demand that funding for social services be the first and mostly deeply cut programs within budgets? And, how is it that Regressives here on CCN often belittle and demonize the mentally ill and then call for mental health reform when shit like this happens? Why?

Answer that and I’ll try and get some answer to your questions, that might be difficult as it seems you don’t think I have the capability of thought anyway, right?

I’ll make a little bet with ya though… I’ll bet you’ll find that the Sheriff’s Departments budget has increased since Sheriff’s Parkinson was elected while SLO County Mental Health’s has been deeply cut. Wanna bet?


Why are they being allowed to run their mouth’s and in general just disrupt normal meetings I wonder? These pathetic snowflake attitudes contribute nothing yet want everything.

Ben Daho

It’s called DEMOCRACY. Have you ever considered WE THE PEOPLE? It’s NOT “Stunned” decides what is allowed…


Democracy? you mean rude, obnoxious, disruptive, disrespectful, violent, hateful. Anarchy is what your version of democracy is. Your kind needs to Grow up, shut up and learn some manners and show some respect to others with a differing opinion.

Ben Daho

“Contribute nothing yet want everything” would you swear on the bible that THAT is true?