Supervisor Lynn Compton listens

April 24, 2018

Opinion by Dennis and Delores Bryan

This is an election season that has been a bit hard to understand since we have experienced first hand support from our San Luis Obispo County Fourth District Supervisor Lynn Compton.

We need to do everything we can to procure and save our water resources, so as to make them available to all of us who live and work here in San Luis Obispo County and—most of all—to conserve water using methods that are proven to reduce consumption. After all, when it comes to water, we are all in this together.

As water conservation business owners in the South County, it’s been tough to get public officials to listen about modern methods of water conservation using available technology. Lynn Compton is the only officeholder who has listened to our message and has actually done something about it.

Lynn Compton’s resolve and hard work to protect and conserve our water resources has been nothing less than impressive. She really listens.

Come June 5, we need her to stay the course for us in the race for 4th District Supervisor.

Dennis and Delores Bryan have lived in Nipomo for 20 years and operated their business Water Savers for 10 years.

George Bailey

Vote Lynn Compton for reelection.

Reject Adam Hill/ SLO Progressive Puppet Jimmy Paulding.


If she supports hundreds of new homes on the Nipomo Mesa, that means less water for current residents. It also mean more victims of sand that blows.

I am not sure what she has done with regard to water conservation. This article mentions “she listens and actually did something about it.” What did she do?


Gosh, some people are so unhelpful. I get thumbs down, but no explanation as to why I should think she is great and why I should vote for her.

Let me help some of you out:

1. She opposes shutting down the oceano dunes. why “shut down a 225 million dollar operation?” Is her quote.

2. She opposes affordable housing. Compton said she prefers to look at zoning and incentives to stimulate affordable and workforce housing production. (Not sure what workforce is building housing. If y’all see nurse housing, let me know so I can tell some friends).

3. She is working on updating/building parks. The skate park in Nipomo, refurbishment of the Dana Adobe, and the Jack Ready Imagination Park are being planned, etc.

4. Some argue that she comes from family money and a family business, and she may be out of touch with the middle class.

5. She opposes studying the potential for Community Choice Energy (CCE), a public electricity model that allows local governments to become renewable energy providers. She believes it would be wasteful.

There are some of her positions on issues that I could find. You’re welcome.


Lynn was a vote against the proposed 102 home Laetitia development as well as against the proposed Phillips oil trains. She may be out of touch with all the non-native rich buyers purchasing homes in Trilogy. Real smart, cut down all the Eucalyptus trees then complain about the dust. The dust was here long before they were and will still be here after their demise. A vote for Compton is a vote for common sense. Reject the progressive agenda.


I’m not disagreeig with you. I think it would be economic disaster to close the beaches due to blowing sand.

My point is this; if you are going to post a story/opinion that says “Lynn Compton listens”, then PLEASE tell the reader HOW she listens. I don’t know why that gets a thumbs down. I think there are undecided voters out there, and if you don’t explain why a candidate deserves the vote, voters are going to walk in to the polls and just guess or listen to what others tell them to do.


I’ve said this before,anyone associated with adam hill is a no vote,

NO on paulding.

NO on gibson


“Lynn Compton is the only officeholder who has … actually done something about it.” How so? Specifics?

George Bailey


I endorse Lynn Compton for reelection because she respects taxpayers and the representative process. She deserves our support.

Her opponent, Jimmy Paulding, is way too immature to hold public office, and he is a pawn of Adam Hill and the SLO Progressives, in their desperate attempt to accumulate political power.

Let’s reelect Mrs. Lynn Compton and keep taxes low, government small and the Central Coast livable and clean.



Compton is really about as good as politicians can be.


She is very dedicated to getting the facts before making decisions. She is one of the best Supervisors we have ever had. I hope she gets reelected.