Three attack and stab homeless man in Santa Maria

April 25, 2018

Santa Maria police are searching for multiple suspects following a stabbing Tuesday evening. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 5 p.m., two men and a woman were spotted beating up a homeless man. The victim yelled, “Stop! Stop!.” One of the men threw the homeless man into bushes and left in a maroon minivan, a witness said.

Police arrived and found a man suffering from a stab wound to the leg around an Albertsons parking lot at the intersection of S. Broadway and McCoy Lane. At least two suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction before officers arrived, police said.

Responders transported the victim to Marian Regional Medical Center. He was expected to be treated and released.

Investigators are requesting that anyone who has information about the case call the Santa Maria Police Department at (805) 928-3781 or leave an anonymous tip on the department’s website.

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Those “All-America City” signs need to come down and change to “All Turd World City”

Lawless…reminds me of somewhere a little further south. When will the police in Santa Maria have to start carrying AR-15s and begin covering their faces with masks?

Satan Maria is turning into such a pit of violence and thievery!

Should read:

“Santa Maria is such a pit ….” It turned that way some time ago.