Turnover continues, Hill appoints Ortiz-Legg to planning commission

April 12, 2018

Dawn Ortiz-Legg

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has appointed former state Assembly candidate Dawn Ortiz-Legg to the SLO County Planning Commission, pending approval from the board of supervisors. [Cal Coast Times]

Ortiz-Legg, a public affairs specialist in the solar industry, ran unsuccessfully for the Assembly in 2016, losing to now-Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham. Ortiz-Legg previously served in advisory roles for the San Luis Obispo County Economic Vitality Corporation and the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, according to her LinkedIn profile.

During the 2016 campaign, Ortiz-Legg drew criticism for attacking Cunningham for having done criminal defense work. It surfaced during the campaign that Ortiz-Legg had a criminal record, including a DUI offense and a possession of marijuana conviction.

If confirmed by the board of supervisors, Ortiz-Legg will replace Julie Hawkins on the planning commission. Hawkins recently resigned from the commission to take a job at UC Santa Cruz.

The appointment of Ortiz-Legg comes at a time of turnover on Hill’s District 3 team. Hill’s former legislative aide, Hannah Miller, left her position abruptly around the time Hill took a recent leave of absence over mental health issues.

Blake Fixler, a former Paso Robles grocery store manager who began working for the board of supervisors in 2016, has since taken over as Hill’s legislative assistant, according to the SLO County website.

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Hello everyone, I am happy to answer questions anytime at my email dawnortizlegg@gmail.com. Please feel free to ask me any questions as I see misinformation here. It’s a honor to serve, and even as I always strive for win-win outcomes, I realize it’s hard to make everyone happy. It’s important to recognize SLO County has land use ordinances, so that will always be a guide. Thank you. Dawn

The voters spoke. No need for further comments.

Not to worry. Adam always has the best interests of SLO County citizens at heart. It has never been only about him. Nope, that’s not the Adam we’ve all come to know and admire. This Adam is the epitome of transparency. He’s the original WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)!

Hill is obviously still suffering with his self proclaim of mental illness evidence from this appointment.

Yeah, well….the crap apple doesn’t fall far from the crap tree now, does it?

Hah, hah. Didn’t read about Legg’s ‘criminal record’ in the Trib. Thanks CCN for reminding us.

But doesn’t Legg live in North County? Why didn’t Hill appoint someone who lives in his own south county district?

And why did Hannah leave???? She is quoted as saying Adam was the best employer she ever had. Was she paid off with a silence agreement?

Best wishes from the other side….actually we are all more alike then different.

oowwee, did I step on a hot one? Hey, I’m not going to break the ice with hate mail, she’s a volunteer for a job that requires much time for little compensation. I did not forget the fact that one of Hill’s appointees shed the light of let’s get practical and went on to explain her point of lets be reasonable too. If Hill has done anything to my liking, he has appoint a voice of reason in the past (Carolyn?)and I’ll be optimistic for Dawn’s appointment regardless of past differences.