7 men sentenced in robbery of marijuana distributor’s home

May 16, 2018

The seven men who masquerading as police officers during an Atascadero home invasion last year were sentenced to prison on Wednesday. [Cal Coast Times]

On Feb. 11, 2017, the men entered a home on the 8400 block of San Gregorio in Atascadero and held Helios Dayspring and several other victims at gunpoint while they restrained them. Dayspring is a controversial marijuana business man who has sponsored children’s events in order to promote his pot brand.

The suspects, all from out of San Luis Obispo County, reportedly snatched 885 pounds of medical marijuana and $139,000 in cash from Dayspring’s residence.

After the robbers left the scene, Dayspring was able to free himself from his restraints and call 911.

Officers, on the scene within minutes, located two vehicles leaving the area. Inside the vehicles, officers found the victim’s stolen property and a store of firearms, one of which was reported stolen.

Police believe the suspects specifically targeted Dayspring’s residence.

Six of the suspects received five-year sentences for two counts each of home invasion robbery while the court sentenced Joseph Perry to nine years and eight months for two counts of home invasion robbery and an enhancement for personally carrying a handgun during the robbery.


Carnell Bowden, 35 years old, from San Bernadino
Tamone Thompson, 38 years old, from Hayward
Michael Bowden, 32 years old, from Long Beach
Joseph Perry, 36 years old, from Antioch
John Cichosz, 37 years old, from Oakley
Daniel Gonzalez, 48 years old, from Antioch
Treaveon Falls, 27 years old, from Long Beach


Does anyone care that Helios Dayspring is the name of a fictional character, a king, and is an assumed name (legal or illegal). What is this guy’s real name? Did he change his name legally?


This buds for you!

Jorge Estrada

Dayspring…….hmm, Italian? German? Swiss? Banker….yes. So there are 7 bank robbers who made an honest mistake, maybe 5 years is a little stiff?


Dayspring….hmm, FAKE name. Did this guy legally change his name to that of a fictional character or did the courts allow him to use a FAKE name?


So much wrong about this, only 5 year sentences for a home invasion robbery while posing as Police Officers!!!

In a the article in the T-T today, it was pointed out that one defendant wanted to hire a hit on Funke Bilu:(

Yet Funke was preening about the fair sentencing of these poor misguided souls!!!

My take was that Dan Dow gave them a small consequence for their actions, and Funke, if elected judge would of been even more lenient, which has been a concern of mine, as well as many in the law enforcement community!!!

Ben Daho

Don’t they get a Mulligan like Trump?


Indeed, rukidding. The Arroyo Grande Grover Beach chamber of Commerce will be ribbon cutting to open Dayspring’s Natural Healing Center at 9am Saturday June 2nd at 998 Huston St. in Grover Beach’s industrial zone, right across from the children’s ‘dance academy which is being hounded out of their 12 year lease.


Medical marijuana. 1/2 the kids in san luis obispo turn 18 and have a medical marijuana card a week later. Cash business because banks and brokers can’t work with the legal dealers you due to federal law. Home invasion and business invasion robberies.. Preview of coming attractions


Great! But how about the victim who appears to have been a dope dealer? $139,000 in cash and 885 pounds of marijuana? I think that there may way much more to this story. That is a very significant amount of marijuana along with the cash equals and very significant dealer.