Nipomo shooting victim leaves scene, discovered at hospital

May 16, 2018

A wounded man left the scene of his shooting Monday evening and headed to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria for treatment of a gunshot wound. [Cal Coast Times]

At about 9:30 p.m., callers reported shots fired on the 700 block of Grande Avenue. When deputies arrived, they were unable to locate any signs that a shooting had occurred.

A short time later, a man was admitted with a gunshot wound to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria. Detectives determined the man had been shot in Nipomo.

The victim was treated for a non-life-threatening wound and released from the hospital. The investigation continues.

Detectives are asking anyone who has information about the shooting to contact the detective division at 805-781-4500 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 805-549-7867.



  1. George Bailey says:

    They only came for a better life.

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    • AmericaTheFree says:

      Who? Who came “for a better life”? No names given, no mention of legal residence status, country of origin, no nothing, and you come up with that?!!! Scared much there, George?

      (-19) 33 Total Votes - 7 up - 26 down
      • copperhead says:

        Come on America, when there is Santa Maria, and shooting, there is always one more common element. That train is never late!

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        • AmericaTheFree says:

          What common thread is that, copper’? Or is it just the common bigoted thought in your head that persists? Your train, along with George’s, is fueled by fear, belches racism thicker than any coal burnin’ locomotive of the past while spreading hysteria all along it’s track line.

          The victim wasn’t identified in the article, the shooter wasn’t identified, and you still can come to the conclusion that fits your phobia’s? Must be rough just goin’ outside…

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      • CCWine says:

        Nipomo/Santa Maria,
        neither victim not perpetrator not calling police?

        It certainly does seem like illegal immigrant/gang related, even though it isnt explicitly stated

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        • AmericaTheFree says:

          Got you too CC’?

          “It certainly does seem like illegal immigrant/gang related”… like the two are ALWAYS related or that it’s ALWAYS just those two that get into gun fights? What is always related? The scared as hell bunch will go to any lengths to prove out their bigoted and racist beliefs without thought to what is, or isn’t in this case, reported.

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