Atascadero police apprehend suspect with helicopter and K-9

May 19, 2018

Dustin Anthony Orton

A 30-year-old Paso Robles man initially managed to evade capture after allegedly shoplifting at Smart & Final in Atascadero Thursday afternoon. But he failed to get away from police once officers brought in a K-9 and a helicopter to assist with the search. [Cal Coast Times]

Atascadero police officers arrived in the area of Smart & Final shortly before 3 p.m. and found a man matching the description of the suspect. The suspect, later identified as Dustin Anthony Orton, fled on foot, according to police.

Officers set up a perimeter in the area of Curbaril, Sinaloa and Santa Ysabel avenues. During the pursuit, officers learned that Orton was reportedly armed with a knife.

Police requested an Atascadero K-9 unit and a CHP helicopter. With assistance from the K-9 and the helicopter, officers started a search in the 8900 block of Curbaril and located the suspect in a nearby backyard.

When confronted, Orton refused to comply with officers’ demands. Officers then deployed the K-9 and captured him.

Orton received treatment from medics prior to being booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Authorities say Orton had a felony no-bail warrant at the time of Thursday’s incident. Additional charges are pending.


I wonder how much the helicopter cost and compare to what he stole great use of resources guys

JB Bronson

The Sheriff’s office has issues with the jail. Officers on the street do a great job. So what if Atascadero PD handled case this way. Desperate guy with a knife…had he entered a house and took hostages, we would be saying, “Why didn’t you do more?”

Plus it sends a message that Atascadero is not soft on crime.


Francesca Bolognini, you must be a Clayton supporter for Sheriff. Just like Mr. Clayton you get it all wrong in the news. But as you state “getting back to the point of this, how in hell does a Sheriff’s Department justify the intense use of manpower” and “is this the best use of our resources and tax money????? “Am I missing something here?” YES YOU ARE! Please read it again. Where does it say anything about the Sheriff’s Department? It was Atascadero PD. But just like Mr. Clayton, throw crap out there and hope it sticks.

Ralph Snart

Boork Boork Nom Nom…. Good Dog!

Jon Tatro

I’m guessing ATPD knew this guy had a felony no bail warrant and that’s why the K9 was deployed after he refused to surrender. K9’s and helicopters are usually not deployed on shoplifters.

Francesca Bolognini

Let me get this right. The kid was allegedly shoplifting from Smart & Final. A cut rate/volume type grocery store. So, what might the most expensive item in the whole store cost? Then he is “armed with a knife”. Since he is not charged with armed robbery, this knife was apparently not in play. Unless I am mistaken, carrying a knife is not, in itself, illegal. When I first moved to Cambria, in 1979, nearly every guy and many women, including myself, carried a knife. I never hike without one. But getting back to the point of this, how in hell does a sheriff’s department justify the intense use of manpower, helicopter and K9 assistance to run down a kid who stole a bit of food, or perhaps a bottle of alcohol? Seriously????? Is this the best use of our resources and tax money ????? Am I missing something here?

I would file this incident with the purchase of a very expensive boat that was stated to be for the purpose of pursuit of smugglers in panga boats. Since this is the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard, just what is that vessel being used for? 3x higher death rate in our facilities than the national average. etc., etc.. This county is long overdue for a change in management of our sheriffs department. Please bother to vote. In so many ways, it matters.

Ben Daho

Stealing is stealing. WTF? During the pursuit, officers learned that Orton was reportedly armed with a knife.How does something as ignorant as your post make it in public. If you had someone in your house you were chasing, would you care if they had a knife, or would that matter?

“So, what might the most expensive item in the whole store cost?” Really? What is the dollar amount you would call the police on?


If they knew he had a felony no bail warrant, then it may have been justifiable. I would be interested in knowing what that warrant was for, however. And that should have been your narrative. But as a default member of the police crowd, you of course went for the utter bullshit narrative. It’s not that him being armed with a knife doesn’t warrant extra care, it’s that most people don’t actually believe that over-used often bullshit excuse. You’re just looking for the easy-out reason to explain away everything with that, and it’s really turning into a boy cried wolf situation. Here’s the thing… when someone is LITERALLY armed with a knife, in the sense that they have a knife which they have threatened to use as a weapon, and/or are actively wielding it.. then there is always more detail provided that demonstrates that. When the phrasing is:

“During the pursuit, officers learned that Orton was reportedly armed with a knife.”

Then we know the English language is being carefully chosen to manipulate our perception while avoiding any possibility of outright lying. That’s the magic of words like “reportedly.” I think the public is getting a little tired of the institutions that claim to be so concerned about integrity and honesty constantly and intentionally misleading them with that kind of nonsense.

Ralph Snart

Done in one. Please, read your first comment. You want to be super secret ultra squirrel??? “Default Member” You just Defaulted into, “Donuts Matter” status.

Ralph Snart

Reading comprehension must not be your strong point… From the article: 1; During the pursuit, officers learned that Orton was reportedly armed with a knife. 2; Additional charges are pending.


What does this have to do with the sheriff department?