SLO County Democrats gaining parity with Republicans

May 28, 2018

As the electorate becomes deeply divided over issues regarding immigration and gun control, the number of registered voters in San Luis Obispo County has increased to an all time high, and the Democratic Party is the big winner. [Cal Coast Times]

In San Luis Obispo County, there is currently an almost even split between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans represent 36.6 percent of the 164,592 registered voters, Democrats represent 35 percent and decline to state have 22.1 percent.

To put those number in perspective, in early 2015, there were 148,821 registered voters. Of those, 39.7 percent were registered Republican while 32.8 percent were registered Democrat.

In 2015, there were 10,190 more Republicans in SLO County than Democrats. There are currently 2,572 more registered Republicans than Democrats.

District 1, which runs inland from the Monterey County line to Templeton, currently has 5,595 more Republicans than Democrats. Republican John Peschong is serving his first term as county supervisor.

District 2, which runs along the coast from San Simeon to Los Osos and includes a portion of San Luis Obispo, has 4,780 more Democrats than Republicans. Democrat Bruce Gibson is currently serving his third term in the District 2 seat, and he has twice won reelection with ease.

Jeff Eckles, who is registered decline to state, and Republican Patrick Sparks are challenging Gibson for the District 2 seat.

District 3, which includes Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and a portion of San Luis Obispo, has 2,613 more Democrats than Republicans. Democratic Supervisor Adam Hill is serving his third term in office.

District 4, which includes Nipomo, Arroyo Grande and Oceano, has 2,386 more Republicans than Democrats. Republicans Lynn Compton is running for a second term against Jimmy Paulding, a Democrat.

There has not been a Democratic candidate elected to the District 4 supervisor seat in more than 50 years.

District 5,which includes Atascadero, Santa Margarita, Pozo, Creston and portions of Templeton and San Luis Obispo, has 1,985 more Republicans than Democrats. Republican Debbie Arnold is currently serving her second term in office.


Left out of the math is how the number of decline-to-state voters has changed in such a short time. I would have expected the number to increase, but it is actually down 5% in the two years cited.

Ralph Snart

Oh, and to clarify things for anyone interested. I was born and raised here. Proud Combat Veteran and always registered Independent.


Snoid That’s funny; when I lived in Oregon it was a very nice state. Live and let live. Minimal political crap. Maybe you should move to Utah! It’s about 99.99% conservative white Republicans! And lots of Mormons! And plus the Mormon Church controls the government! And everything is illegal! Fun has been outlawed. It sounds like the right place for you to live. No liberals, no blacks, no gays, no Mexicans! Trump territory is right for you!

Ralph Snart

LOL Wut? Utah is actually one of the most gay friendly states. Good for them!

Ralph Snart

When I lived in Oregon, Portland ruled the entire state by votes. Do you claim to represent the state of Oregon? 99% of Oregon doesn’t support your theory.


Womanwhohasbeenthere You are absolutely right on! The truth! Thanks for speaking up!


TKG You sure got that right!


AmericaTheFree You just made my day! Thank you! You read my mind and I like your style. I miss Oregon also. SLO once seemed like paradise years ago. The polical crap and corruption has become intolerable. I’ll let you know if it ever gets better here. But I surely doubt it.


Conservatives are leaving the state, that’s why.


Let me know when the last one leaves and I’ll move back home….


I’m never leaving so guess you’ll have to stay where you are.


Lucky me…


kayaknut, it was a bit of levity, that’s all, but it’s folks like you that makes my decision to leave my home town a bit easier to stomach. As much as I miss her, SLO, the thought of moving back to a county that is as self-centered and apathetic to the needs of the mentally ill, poor and working middle class, typical traits of the Regressive Right, makes me physically ill.

It’s all yours sir! Wallow in the swamp that once was my home!My new home here in Oregon has all that California has without the price tag; combine that with the space I need to separate myself from folks like you and I’ll be just fine calling this my home.

One other thing; stay there too! Don’t bring the type of crap that the Regressive Right has brought to my old home to my new one, no room!


Oh good God!! I used to live in Oregon which has become Calif north but even more screwed up. Hillbilly, dope smoking liberals> Yeah baby, were all from Ca, but dont come here if your from Ca. Hypocrites!!!!


Nailed it.


Lucky us…

Ralph Snart

You’ll never move back. Just like the UAW in Detroit, you are convinced you are worth more than your worth.


Do you know what I’m worth? I challenge you to back up what you spew there Snarky. Prove I’m not worthy of SLO. Prove it…


I think you have done it for us, thanks.

Ralph Snart

Thank you, sadly most people wouldn’t realize what that means to me. Thank you, Brother.


Your right, and many more are leaving!


People are sick of it!

Taxes, taxes and more taxes…rules and regulations enough enough to strangle the life out of business.

ATF will be living with the homeless and the Hollywood elite when he moves back.


I’d live every moment of my life within the conclaves of the homeless than spend one moment of my time with those like you horse_soldier. Hollywood elite? Naaa! They’re about as out of touch with the world as the Regressive Right is.

You know, maybe it’s not a matter of the Regressive Right leaving SLO, maybe it’s more and more of them aren’t identifying as such because of the “leader” of their party. I bet ya!


So true, not to mention the moderates, the most endangered species in this world of extremes in California…

Russ J

I’ve got mine, now no one else should have what I have. Elitist mentality is prevailing. The surfs that harvest crops, feed and clean me are okay but no one else should spoil my heaven.


Elitist mentality is indeed prevailing. That is why the ruling elite in California want to restrict our driving, make the (growing number of) poor and working poor dependent on government for affordable housing, food, utilities, etc., and ensure we have bean counting in all hiring decisions. They want to tax anyone doing anything and then some, especially with regressive taxes such as SB 1, the gas tax, which hits the poor the hardest. Little wonder people are not leaving but FLEEING this state. How can a young family expect to live here and enjoy a middle class lifestyle when housing is so expensive, gas is so expensive, utilities are so expensive, ad nauseum, largely due to government overregulation, taxes and misplaced priorities. We are becoming the state of the miserably poor and exceedingly wealthy. This is the elitist mentality, Russ 3. It sucks. I didn’t know anyone could hate the middle class as much as you apparently do, but not to worry, they are leaving in droves.


You are 100% SPOT ON womanwhohasbeenthere. Eventually all the cheap labor will be run out and nobody will be there to wipe their elitist butts. BTW, you have no idea of just how blinded and dummied up Ca have made its residents. One must leave for an extended time regain their mental capacities to fully grasp the brainwashing they have been subconsciously exposed to.