Six cars burglarized at trailhead on the Cuesta Grade

May 29, 2018

Amid an apparent rash of car break-ins at trailheads, six vehicles were burglarized Saturday morning at a parking lot for the West Cuesta Ridge Trail. [Cal Coast Times]

The burglaries occurred at about 9 a.m. at a parking lot located on TV Tower Road near Highway 101 at the top of the Cuesta Grade.  In each case, car windows were smashed and possessions were stolen from inside the vehicles.

Victims said backpacks and duffel bags containing clothes, shoes and wallets were stolen. Each of the victims was hiking or doing recreational activities in the area when the break-ins occurred, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Local residents also allege that car burglaries are occurring at other trailheads around the county, including at Harmony Headlands and inside Montana de Oro.

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Next person who posts their murder fantasy/raceism gets the ban hammer.

Since Adam and Eve, perps gonna perp.

Now that we have invited the world to visit our outdoors, sadly, we have invited this unintended consequences. There is them who watch you drive up and park. There is them who watch you stash your purse. There is them who watch you grab your needs for the trail. There is them who watch you lock your doors and leave your car to the supervision of Themselves. Hopefully next chapter may include, Them who watch Them watch? Don’t be stupid, always video and call 911 (burglary in progress) not the ambulance.

So what’s the downside if the perps get caught? As I recall, this is no longer a crime worth law enforcement’s time.

I guess I should rephrase …

What’s the downside to the perps if they get caught? …

Not much, should they get caught and end up in prison, though unlikely, they would get three meals a day and free top rate healthcare, that’s more than a lot of our veterans get.

You can’t leave anything in view or you’re almost inviting vandalism.

It’s a shame that deadbeats live among us.