Heather Locklear assaults a Ventura County deputy, again

June 25, 2018

Heather Locklear booking photo

For the second time this year, actress Heather Locklear was arrested at her Thousand Oaks home for battering a Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy. Following the incident Sunday night, Locklear was likewise charged with battering emergency medical personnel. [Ventura County Star]

Just after 11 p.m., deputies arrived at Locklear’s Summit View Drive home in response to a report of a disturbance. Deputies found Locklear intoxicated and arguing with friends and relatives, sheriff’s officials said.

The deputies tried to separate Locklear from the other individuals, at which point she allegedly battered a deputy. Authorities then requested an ambulance to transfer Locklear to the hospital for medical clearance.

Soon after, Locklear allegedly kicked medical personnel while they were attending to her. No one suffered injuries during either of the alleged attacks.

After receiving clearance from the hospital, Locklear was booked into the Ventura County Jail on two counts of misdemeanor battery against an officer and emergency personnel.

Locklear was released on bond Monday morning. She is due back in court on Aug. 23.

Sunday night’s incident was very similar to Locklear’s previous arrest.

In February, Locklear was arrested at her home following a report of a domestic disturbance between her and her boyfriend. Locklear allegedly threatened to shoot the deputies who responded to her home and pushed and kicked them in an attempt to remove them from the house.

Then in early March, deputies returned to her home to seize a .38-calliber Smith and Wesson that was registered to Locklear. Authorities did not find the weapon, though.

Jorge Estrada

There are many who can do what she does, she knows it and she will be replaced. Next, that’s show biz.


Yep, that’s show biz’! Eat ’em up and then spit ’em out,. But first you’ll assert your power over them, sexually assault them, pay them less then a leading man, expect them not to age (and when they do they’re of course expected to have surgical intervention/enhancement). And why? ’cause us American Males demand it. Like justbeware best exemplified in his post’s text “From HOT to hot mess…”


The system will cite and release because they do not want to upset the Hollywood liberals. Time will take its course and unfortunately something very serious will happen. We can only hope that it happens to her and not to others.


Wrong! She bailed out and then it appears she tried to commit suicide (https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/heather-locklear-is-‘stable’-after-hospitalization-for-possible-overdose/ar-AAzbtBa?ocid=spartanntp_edu))

Why would you “…only hope that it happens to her”? ’cause she part of a class of people you don’t like, or represents a political view you don’t agree with? Maybe you just have a crush on her and can’t understand her actions compared to what you envisioned her as? Why would you hope this type of crap happens to anyone?

One other thing just to clear up your ignorance there ru’; Ms. Locklear has caught hell from the liberal crowd in Hollywood for years! She’s a self admitted conservative Republican.

How’s that crow taste?


Wow! Met her at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming and I didn’t see her drink to that extent (met Heather Thomas the next night and then a week later Harrison Ford sat down next to me). I hope she gets this straightened out, maybe those around her are more of an “enabler crowd” and she needs to seek out and make new friends that aren’t.


From HOT to hot mess…so sad.