Judge extends restraining order against SLO County clerk recorder

June 19, 2018

Judge Barry LaBarbera extended a temporary restraining order barring San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong from further correcting mismatched signature ballots until 5 p.m. on Wednesday. LaBarbara said he will issue a written decision before 4 p.m. on Wednesday. [Cal Coast Times]

On June 15, Supervisor Lynn Compton’s attorneys Stew Jenkins and Charles Bell filed a lawsuit against Gong asking him to stop allowing ballots with mismatched signatures to be corrected and counted. Compton asked Gong to stand by his previous determination that gave voters eight days to correct their ballots whether they forgot to sign the envelope or their signatures did not match.

Gong contends he has the authority to extend the time for mismatched signature corrections. His attorney, Ann Duggan, argued that to do otherwise disenfranchises voters.

Duggan also argued that mismatched signature ballots and unsigned ballots are not equivalent and should not be treated equally.

On June 15, there were 31 mismatched ballots left in District 4. Since then, two have been corrected, one of which was verified prior to the restraining order. While a decision on this lawsuit could provide guidelines for future elections, it should have little impact on the current election.

As of Friday, Compton led her opponent Jimmy Paulding by 62 votes. With 129 ballots out, many of which may not be counted in the end, Compton has likely won reelection.

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Looks like the hook is coming out on the Gong Show.

Mr. Jenkins and I agree on nothing. We have a long standing dislike for each other; however, I applaud and greatly appreciate his efforts in protecting our voting procedures by ensuring that everything is done pursuant to law without biase or prejudice.

Either Lynn Compton is paranoid, she can’t do simple math, or she’s trying to send a message to county staff and local elected officials that she has powerful friends.

“Don’t mess with Lynn!”

As for the hack Stewart Jenkins, I guess he also likes being around Compton’s powerful friends.

Or the message she is trying to send is…. Mr. Gong follow our laws and rules instead of making up your own.


As we see here, the liberals will stop at nothing to try to steal a democratic election, and Jimmy Paulding ought to be ashamed of himself.

Additionally, SLO County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong has violated the law in subverting longstanding election processes and procedures, and Mr. Gong has shown a political bias in favor of the liberal candidate.

We deserve better than Jimmy Paulding and Tommy Gong.


Hey, the end justifies the means right?