Talk show host Dave Congalton struck by car, seriously injured

June 30, 2018

Dave Congalton

KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton was walking to the “Families Belong Together March” in San Luis Obispo when a vehicle crashed into him Saturday morning, leaving him with serious injuries. [Cal Coast Times]

For almost three decades, Congalton has hosted “Hometown Radio with Dave Congalton” on 920 AM.

Responders transported Congalton to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he is being treated for his injuries. Congalton suffered leg and head injuries.

“I was seriously injured when I was hit by a car this morning in San Luis Obispo, walking to the women’s march,” Congalton posted on Facebook. “I’ll be in Sierra Vista Hospital for the next couple days with surgery scheduled for tomorrow. My left leg is all messed up and it’s going to take a couple months of rehab before I can walk again.”

No further information about the accident was immediately available.


It was a conspiracy by Parkinson minions, the no longer relevant pawns Gardiner and Blanke, to pay back Dave for his hesitation in endorsing Parkinson until large sums of money was paid to KVEC. Endorsement held for ransom. The Goon Squad strikes again.

Ralph Snart

My parents taught me to look both ways before crossing a street.



While I’m happy your parents taught you to look both ways before crossing a street, I’m disappointed that your folks and teachers didn’t teach you reading comprehension.

Nowhere in the article did it state that Dave was crossing a street.

In fact according to Dave’s own comment,

“I was seriously injured when I was hit by a car this morning in San Luis Obispo, walking to the women’s march,” Congalton posted on Facebook.”

Anyway, I hope Dave has a speedy recovery and I wish everyone a happy 4th of July.



Get well Dave. May your voice not be silenced for long!


I’m sorry to hear this. I hope that he’ll be able make a complete recovery.


Get well Dave.

Sorry to hear the driver was an unlicenced illegal immigrant without car insurance; Ironic isn’t it..


Gordo, are you serious or just joking? If you are serious, you must have inside info because no one else is putting that out.


This is terrible news. Wishing Dave a speedy recovery.


Good Luck Dave,


Wishing all the best to you Dave!

Sarcasm intended…who hit you? Adam Hill? Aaron Ochs? Tom Fulks? Again, sarcasm intended.

George Bailey


The main suspected perp is Adam Hill!

Hill is claiming he was insane at the time of the intentional ramming, lol.

Adam Hill wants his constituents to forgive him, and Bruce Gibson said SLO County will fund the lawsuit settlement with Mr. Dave Congalton.

Truth is stranger than fiction!



Unless Dave was wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt at the time (which is doubtful) I seriously doubt either the sane or insane Adam Hill would run him down. Dave may not be an Adam Hill fan, but he still leans pretty far left. As long as you hate Trump, you’ll always be safe in the company of the left. But otherwise George, that was funny as hell. Woha, now that I stop and think about it; Adam’s narcissism probably trump’s (pun intended) his political loyalties. So you’re right, the truth might be pretty strange when it all comes out. What incredibly frightening people our elected officials have become now that the Progressives have come to town. But no matter who Adam slanders, gets angry at, or tries to kill; he will continue to be re-elected. As Bruce Gibson has proven, any bastard can get re-elected as long as he claims to be Progressive.


I vote for Aaron Ochs, a little more unhinged and nasty. Though Adam Hill probably paid extra to Tom Fulks who then funneled the money to Aaron Ochs, to stop Dave and anyone who questions Adam Hill’s bad behaviors.

Now the Tribune will write that Dave threw himself in front of Aaron’s Ochs’ car.

Fiction is fun!!!

Rich in MB

Holy Smokes.

Members of both the left and right wish for a speedy recovery and to hear Dave back on the Radio as soon as possible. He’s a much needed voice in the Community!