Grover Beach officer suffers serious injuries during altercation

July 2, 2018

Grover Beach Officer Bradley Carey

Two Grover Beach police officers were injured Monday afternoon in a scuffle with a 23-year-old man they were attempting to arrest. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly after 2 p.m., officers Roy Ituralde and Bradley Carey responded to a report of a man involved in a drug deal in the men’s restroom at Mentone Basin Park. Inside the restroom the officers encountered Trey Anthony Wilson of Grover Beach.

The officers attempted to arrest Wilson, but a violent struggle ensued, and the officers landed on the concrete.

During the struggle, Wilson escaped and fled into a nearby neighborhood. Wilson was found about two blocks away and was arrested without further trouble.

A fellow officer transported Sergeant Roy Ituralde to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital with minor injuries. He was later released.

Responders transported officer Bradley Carey to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s trauma unit for treatment of serious back and arm injuries.

Wilson was treated for minor injuries before officers booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of resisting an officer, battery with serious bodily injury on an officer and for two outstanding arrest warrants. Bail was set at $81,000.

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Parkinson is doing a great job, and I’m glad that I voted for him. Since I actually live in the area upon which I’m commenting. Ian Parkinson is a solid dude and one of the best Sheriffs we’vehad in my nearly 50 years of living here.


Amen to that!

How many corrupt cops has been caught, arrested, fired in this county? Way too many! The bullies with badges campaign continues unabated.

Cops should have kept the felon locked up back in January when they caught him in a garage with a stolen gun, knife, and meth. Why a convicted felon with a stolen gun and meth was released back into the community is beyond me. Of course he skipped his court date and got a warrant for it, there doesn’t seem to be any consequences for his actions other than to get his picture taken, sign a piece of paper, and wave bye to the cops as they hold the door open for him to leave.

Sorry the cops got hurt, don’t wish that on anyone, but they need to take some responsibility or do something about the DA that allows it.

They cannot keep him with all of the bleeding heart democrats out here. Really?

They did, he bailed out. Are you suggesting that we should do away with another part of our Constitution, the 8th Amendment, which in part states “Excessive bail shall not be required…”, and give no bail to anyone? Also, the D.A. doesn’t set the bail amount, it’s set by a bail schedule that is usually used at the time of arrest ( At the time of arraignment bail is usually argued, or agreed upon, by the both sides (mitigating and aggravating circumstances are usually stated) and then a judge decides. Depending on when he posted bail you could argue it’s the fault of either the bail schedule or the judge, not the D.A.

Please, don’t for one minute thing I am defending your D.A., I’m not! I am defending the Constitution, the Law of the Land, and if some cop gets beat down because of it, oh well…

He’s just payin’ the price of his and our Freedom!

Snoid I bet you’re a Trump fan.


I agree with Snoid!

Enough is enough, let’s take the streets back from the punks.

Support law enforcement.


Violent Fantasy’s removed, no we will not publish Snoid’s or George Bailey’s suggestion to murder someone.

Keep suggesting violence on humans and your account will go away.

Absolutely George Bailey! Let’s take our community back.

Absolutely George! But who’s the more dangerous, a citizen “punk” or a “punk” cop with a badge, color of authority and gun? I think it’s time to take back your streets from the leadership of Parkinson. You know, the guy who’s “punks” killed people on tape, gets drunk and then endangerers folks on the beach and the myriad of other punk a$$ chit his “leadershiop” allows.

Enforcing the law that was passed allowing police to execute Americans without a trial? Please enjoy your Independence Day holiday in North Korea or the Philippines with like minded people. Roofers are far more likely to get killed or injured at work than police, I bet you don’t sleep outdoors though…