Jimmy Paulding throws his hat into the Arroyo Grande Council race

July 30, 2018

Weeks after narrowly suffering a defeat in the San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor race, Jimmy Paulding has thrown his hat into the Arroyo Grande City Council race, adding to a growing field of candidates. [Cal Coast Times]

An Arroyo Grande native, Paulding is a lawyer who also describes himself as an experienced city planner and project manager. He says he would bring a younger perspective to the Arroyo Grande council.

“Paulding, 32, represents a new generation that is devoted to local civic mindedness,” his campaign Facebook page states.

Last month, incumbent Supervisor Lynn Compton defeated Paulding by margin of just 60 votes in a heated race that decided control over the board of supervisors majority. The race between Compton and Paulding included a record amount of campaign contributions and considerable mudslinging, as well as a legal dispute over how the county clerk-recorder was counting the votes.

While running for supervisor, Paulding aligned himself with supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson. Paulding, a Democrat, also aligned himself with the SLO County Progressives.

In Arroyo Grande, the seats currently belonging to Councilwoman Barbara Harmon and Councilman Tim Brown are up for election. Harmon has said she will not run for reelection, while it is unclear if Brown will defend his seat.

Planning Commissioners Terry Fowler-Payne and John Mack are both running for city council, as is Keith Storton, a former San Luis Obispo police captain who has served on some Arroyo Grande committees. Fowlery-Payne says she was motivated to run after Harmon confronted her for not voting pro-development on the planning commission; Mack says he wants to fix Arroyo Grande’s budget deficit; and Storton says he wants to protect what is right about the city.

Meanwhile, Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray has announced she will challenge Mayor Jim Hill for the city’s mayoral seat. Ray is in the middle of a four-year term on the council. If she were to win the mayoral election, it would vacate a council seat.

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Wow, Arroyo Grande, you better put on your glasses! After all the hard work Mayor Hill has done to try to bring back civility and honestly to your council, it can all be destroyed with the election of Caren Ray for a new Mayor (which she acts like she is already!) and adding the newbie to town, Jimmy Paulding. Jimmy was flattered when recruited by Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson to run against Lynn Compton. They wanted her off of the County Supervisors so that they could gain control again. Their plan did not work, so now Caren Ray and Kristin Barneich have a new plan…let’s get control of the AG City council! Jimmy lacks life experience, and really has not had involvement with local politics until he was approached to run. Now the power bug has bit him and he thinks he has a lot to offer…not! Vote very carefully this coming Fall. Don’t pick the one you like as a person, or the one who’s mother taught at your school. Truly investigate each candidate, evaluate their experience in running a city (budget, building, planning and development) and be very careful who your vote will be for. Do you want a fair board of representation, or do you want to be railroaded by the croonies of Tony Ferarra? That will be a huge step backwards for Arroyo Grande.

He’s figured it out, just get into any political position and turn on the money spigot!

What is “a younger perspective to the Arroyo Grande council”? That sounds pretty ageist to me.

A very bad choice for any local office, but bad choices are constantly made in local elections because of the strict adherence of democrat voters to their ‘religion’ or ideology. Democrats in California in general seem to be bent on domination, not guidance of society. I fear the rise of these ideologues even more than death itself. Ask yourself honestly what are the accomplishments of the overwhelmingly democrat controlled California. Straw ban? Bag ban? Those things are okay on the surface I guess, but take ride on a third world quality highway up to San Francisco and see the quality of life afforded by Democrat rule. You won’t see a plastic bag or straw on the ground maybe, but you WILL see human turds on the sidewalk, syringes in the urine soaked doorways and any number of incidents to frighten your family. THIS is the future of a city or county under Paulding’s chosen political allies, the ‘progressives’.


I cannot support Jimmy Paulding!

Jimmy Paulding is an extreme liberal supported by the phony SLO Progressives, and his agenda is high taxes, limited freedom and using government as a club on the private sector.

Paulding has received all his support from out-of-town developers, liberals, and those phony progressives, so DO NOT fall for his plastic politics.

In November, Support Jim Hill for Arroyo Grande Mayor!


Neighbors, we need to vet these candidates as thoroughly as possible. Do we want the same pro-development disaster that is happening in SLO?  It already is happening in AG and some of these candidates will continue to try to develop every square inch of our town and destroy what we so dearly love about AG. Not enough candidates are talking about the drought, the stress on our water resources, the TRAFFIC.  PRESERVE our quality of life and make sure we don’t vote for the wrong candidates!

People When You close the Gate between LA & SF , that will be the only time the growth will stop.  Greed will be the only thing that stops any thing , Paulding class 1976, AGHS 1981 ,  OUT of State Here .. The Cash flow Cleaned out Natives..