Fire at homeless camp near Oceano Dunes

August 6, 2018

A fire broke out at a homeless camp near the Oceano Dunes Monday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 6 a.m., Five Cities firefighters found a blaze in the 300 block of Pier Avenue. Fire crews quickly knocked down the blaze, according to the Five Cities Fire Authority.

The fire authority described the blaze as a warming fire. Video that fire officials posted on social media shows dense vegetation burning.

There have been no reports of any injuries.

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What if we deport all of the corrupt people who work for the city and the county? All of the corrupt politicians, corrupt police “officers”, and all of the corrupt people working at CAPSLO? And the slumlords? There would be plenty of housing.

Can we just deport the homeless to SB, San Francisco, or Orlando or something?

Nope, sorry! That would be the easy way out for the most “Judgmentalist Place On Earth”. They should start “deporting” others from around the nation, nah the world, to SLO just so you folks can learn a little humility while not being so judgmental about something you have no clue about.

I hope no one was injured and those PEOPLE found someplace else to stay warm at.

This is Cal Coast News, we don’t end our sentences with Prepositions….

I’m not Cal Coast News and I’ll end my sentences any damn way I choose.

Right on!!!

Sorry, I thought everyone knew that old joke….

What joke?

Your biggest gripe is with the grammar? Get over yourself…

Shipping the homeless to a different country isn’t the answer. Addressing the issues that they face every day is the answer. They all have different reasons for being on the streets but they are all human too. Who are we to just get rid of them rather than help them? Have you no heart? No compassion? No soul? We, as humans, should strive to display humanitarian qualities and actually consider someone else’s needs above our own wants for once… The world would benefit if everyone could do this just once a week even.

In a county that found a way to find Oprah’s “Happiest Place on Earth” designation as being the root cause of all the homeless that just “flocked” to SLO (no, it didn’t happen) and how they, the homeless community, is the root of all evil in SLO, how would you expect, or even hope for, anything different?

I was on those “mean streets” of SLO for a short period of time and it ain’t all that good; trying to get back to leading a “normal life” while trying to deal with the irrational fears and prejudices of others in a county that has one concern and one concern only, money and how not to best use it, was too daunting for me and I left.

I found a bright side to all of that though; in the midst of SLO’s absolute indifference and outright anger towards me, and those like me, I found one group of people who stepped up and actually helped, members of the Grange Hall in SLO. Thanks Reg’, thanks Tex’, thanks Gary! Your lack of indifference, your ability to see through the stereotyping to the human being in need, your willingness to extend a commodity that is in dire need in SLO, trust, and the advise you gave, was life changing for me. Reg’, you’re a saint! You helped me pack my meager belongings, put me up at your home until my apartment was ready and then drove me 300+ miles to my new home.

I wished SLO as a whole would look to this kind of example rather than trying to push it off on others. Maybe, if nothing else, you’d have one or two less fires to worry about in Oceano…

America I agree with you 100%!

What a coo this would be if the majority political party in SLO, the Republicans, were the first to actually make an effective, tangible and long term change to this national challenge, don’t ya think? To set an example that would definitively set the standard country wide in starting the eradication of unintended and or unwanted homelessness would be earth changing. But if that isn’t incentive enough? Just think of the air time and good press y’all would get by swipin’ one of the left’s favorite talking points right out from underneath their feet! Fun chit, huh?!

Nope! Rather just bitch about it, do nothin’ about it and ostracizing those that are caught in this dilemma or support real change. MAGAMA!