Gloria Allred files suit accusing Nipomo wrestling coach of sexual abuse

August 17, 2018

Gloria Allred

Renowned feminist lawyer Gloria Allred has filed suit on behalf of a Nipomo High School student who was allegedly abused  by one of the school’s former wrestling coaches. [Cal Coast Times]

The suit alleges Justin Magdaleno sexually molested the girl during a wrestling camp held at Nipomo High and that the victim saw the coach carrying out the same abuse on other girls. Allred’s lawsuit names Magdaleno, Nipomo High and the Lucia Mar Unified School district, and it alleges school officials did nothing to prevent the abuse.

Magdaleno, a wrestling coach and teacher at Nipomo High, was placed on administrative leave last fall when the Lucia Mar Unified School District launched an investigation into allegations of sexually inappropriate contact with some girls on the wrestling team. About 10 members of the girls wrestling team accused Magdaleno of making inappropriate comments about their bodies. Other students accused the coach of inappropriate touching.

Following a multi-month investigation of its own, the county sheriff’s office sent a report to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office recommending charges of lewd acts with a minor under 14 years old and annoying or molesting a child under 18. But, the district attorney’s office declined to file charges, citing a lack of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Magdaleno committed the alleged crimes.

Allred filed suit on behalf of a 14-year-old girl who is now a student at Nipomo High. The victim was a 7thgrader and a member of the co-ed wrestling team at Mesa Elementary School when Magdaleno began scouting her, according to the suit. Magadaleno invited the girl to attend the 2016 summer wrestling camp at Nipomo High.

During the camp, while demonstrating wrestling moves, Magadaleno grabbed the victim’s breasts and butt and used multiple fingers to touch her vaginal area and “digitally penetrate” her vagina, the lawsuit states. The victim witnessed Magdaleno commit the same assaults on three other students, according to the suit. Additionally, Magdaleno allegedly pushed his erect penis against the victim’s body through her clothing.

When the victim told a member of the Nipomo High girls’ wrestling team about the incidents, the student allegedly told her, “You just get used to it.” After the victim began attending Nipomo High in 2016-2017 and joined the wrestling team, Magdaleno continued to physically abuse her and told her she needed to gain weight to have the perfect body, the suit states.

Later on, when news report of Magdaleno’s alleged abuse surfaced, some students at Nipomo High harassed the victim, saying that she enjoyed being touched, according to the lawsuit.

The suit alleges a teacher and counselor at Nipomo High were informed about the abuse by other students but took no action.

Allred’s lawsuit accuses the defendants of sexual battery, sexual harassment, battery, assault and negligent supervision and training. The victim is seeking unspecified damages.

Magdaleno, who founded the girls wrestling team at Nipomo High, resigned as its coach last year. It is unclear if he is still on administrative leave from his teaching position. When placed on leave, he was teaching psychology and government.

George Bailey


Since the DA will not charge  Justin Magdaleno with a crime, I propose that  Justin Magdaleno wrestle Gloria Allred in a ‘winner-take-all’ match.

The loser has to donate $100 to child protective services.



School staff are mandated reporters. If the staff had reason to suspect that abuse was occurring (if they saw something questionable or a victim reported abuse), the staff had a legal duty to report. If the claims that they failed in this duty are substantiated, that’s gonna be a problem for the school district.


Nipomo get ready! You are in the sights of one of the best in the business. She ranks right up there with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others as some of the best extortionists that the judicial system has adopted.


Interesting! Both of those that you sight as “…some of the best extortionists that the judicial system has adopted.” are not attorneys. What they both are? African-American reverends, and social activists, that are leaders in their communities and in the civil rights movement. Two men “extorting” the public, and the government, for equal rights? Maybe that’s how you see them as “extortionists”? Or maybe you consider a lawful constitutional right for white folks, filing suit, as extortion by those of color?



Equal rights? Does that include the millions of dollars that they have amased from their religious services? On op of the taxes that Sharpton hasn’t paid. Manifort, and I’m not defending him at all, is in solitary confinement for tax evasion while Sharton who owes millions was able to visit Obama in the Oval Office over 80 times. True Justice?


What’s the problem with someone wronged filing suit? Why is it every time someone uses the courts in such a manner they’re nothing but


Manifort is in solitary for his own protection (and because of his mouth), something that anyone with the type of media attention he’s garnered would have to put up with (bein’ a whore for Russia, Putin and a bunch of oligarchs in an American jail probably wouldn’t have endeared him to many incarcerated along side him either, some pretty patriotic criminals in some of those places). Most can request not to be in solitary for protection purposes, I bet Manifort begged to be put there, bein’ the primpy sissy that he is.

What I’ve read about Sharpton is that he owes taxes, has never denied that and hasn’t tried to evade paying them, he was even on a payment plan with the IRS to pay them off, and, he was never charged with tax evasion.

Does their millions from religious services bother you that much? Then what the Catholic Church and Christianity does as a whole should set your hair on fire, or is just African-American pastors and or churches you have problem with making that kind of money?

Look, this is a part of our justice system; protecting yourself through the civil court is as American Right, if you have problem with that go to some podunk third world country with no justice system and you’ll be the one beggin’ for protection…

One other small thing ru’, Manifort hasn’t been charged with tax evasion, not yet anyway, nope! He’s been charged with tax fraud, a whole different beast.

80 times visiting with Obama? So what?!!!!!!!


“So what?” That’s your problem. You evidently endorse all of this corruption. You must be one of the lifeguards at the swamp.


I endorse all of this corruption, how so? By saying “so what” to 80 visits to the White House by Obama’s Spiritual Advisor and “man on the ground” at Ferguson (remember that place?)? 80 visits in 8 years? SO WHAT?!!! Get a grip dude!

Evidently you don’t read anything other than your own posts or you’d know I’m one of those that hopes every frickin’ idiot in that White House drowns, includin’ your POTUS! Lifeguard? What a joke…


Sharpton / Manifort is a apples to pineapple comparison, not the same at all try as you might. “and I’m not defending him at all” Yes you are, you brought him here.

Also why are you comparing two African-American reverends to a female lawyer? What’s that about?

fat chance

Is this ambulance chaser still alive!! She is one annoying woman. LOL


Those poor girls if this was all really going on but, NO arrest? Seems bizarre with multiple alleged victims doesn’t it?


Not so bizarre when you understand school districts are along them same lines as police when it comes to protecting their own at all costs. School districts are famous for their “special” classrooms where problem teachers are transferred to just spend time away from students, still collecting a paycheck, until they can retire and walk away with a nice pension. The school districts just hopes the naive public never finds out because it might risk their next school bond when election time comes around


Kayaknut – you’re full of conjecture and hot air. Learn how to make intelligent arguments.