More women accuse Paso Robles officer of sexual misconduct

August 17, 2018

Sgt. Christopher McGuire

Multiple women have accused a Paso Robles police sergeant of sexual misconduct, including rape, while on duty. [Cal Coast Times]

Late last year, a Paso Robles woman called 911 to report that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Sgt. Christopher McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap, then taking her into her garage and allegedly raping her.

On May 9, McGuire was placed on paid administrative leave while the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department investigated the allegations of rape. He remains on leave while the district attorney’s office reviews the sheriff’s report.

For years, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. But because many of the alleged victims have drug or criminal histories, their reports may have been discounted.

In 2015, Brandon Wysocki was engaged to be married. Shortly after he arrived home from work one evening, his fiancee told him she had been raped by several police officers, including McGuire, Wysocki said. The woman accused the officers of accosting her on the street and then dragging her into a building where they raped her.

The couple reported the alleged rape to the sheriff’s department, but their report appeared to go nowhere, Wysocki said.

Several other Paso Robles residents have also accused McGuire of offering to overlook possible crimes for sexual favors.

McGuire started his career in 2003 with the Farmersville Police Department, and had worked for the Porterville Police Department since 2007. In late 2012, Paso Robles announced it had hired McGuire.

A few years before McGuire left the Porterville Police Department, he responded to a noise complaint at a home occupied by two lesbian women and allegedly slammed one of the women up against a wall. To protect her friend from further abuse, Eryn Wilson said she agreed to go outside with McGuire.

“He asked me why a hot ass girl like me was hanging out with a girl like her,” Wilson said. “He said he wanted to bend me over his car and talked about all the things he wanted to do to me.”

Wilson said that McGuire called her several times following the incident and tried to get her to go out with him. McGuire was married at the time.

If you have information regarding McGuire, please call Karen Velie at 805-234-1703. Your identity can be confidential.

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Why is this asshole on PAID LEAVE instead of a orange jumpsuit with shackles?! Any other person accused of even a simple crime is shackled and paraded in front of everyone, but because he wears a badge he gets a paid vacation at the cost of tacpayers?! WTF

He is a “first responder”, an American hero in a job that requires nothing more than a high school diploma or GED and is less dangerous than construction or retail sales.

There should be a different website for SEXTRAVERSY, there are other topic I’d rather know about. If the cities and other jurisdictions have to make big payouts as a result of any incident, that is of interest to the taxpayers, as it is the cost of poor governance. Poor governance is a very important subject in itself not the resulting perverse acts.

Bullies with Badges.

Tell me something; how can any of you that support Ian Parkinson, your Sheriff, call out this POS LEO for anything? How do you condemn the one and not the other? One rapes and you cry foul while the other is complicant in death and you don’t say chit, even go so far as to support him in his successful re-election bid. Maybe it’s because one of them was mentally ill and those people don’t count in SLO?

McGuire did not pull the victim into the garage and rape her the same night he pulled her onto his lap….that occurred 2 days later when he came to “check up” on her, according to what the victim said …….just sayin

Hello my name is brandon wysocki, it’s much worse then is said here, I was chased out of California after all was said and done they got my fiancee to say I attacked her as the people off 32nd st and vine run a gang names ps13 they used my fiancee as a hooker was hacking into my computer stealing my cc info and more then got me arrested by a fake DV . They cost me my career by interfering at my work with the help of Paso pd. They made me homeless and continued to harass me finally I left California and won’t return unless all is made right people I know involved were the gangs around the 32nd street the people at the end of vine across from the school, the people up the hill at 412 a dentist and some Russian across from him and even the police chief who lives right their in the same complex . Me and my fiancee went to the sheriff ,police ,fib even us marshals they all said was an internal affair no one cares Paso Robles is corrupt and full of trash to me and they can all rot their together as they ruined my life so they could use my girl as a bottom chick they sold for sex. I feel sorry if you live their and have been done over by these people the only change that will ever happen is if you all stand up and remove the people involved I have allot of details if you want to know more contact me then I will explain the whole story from the start but the main thing was they wanted me to kill myself by gangstalking me they used social media, phone, hacking,identity theft, fake crimes I did not do, random people they spread lies too, and even sent people to attack me, people at gars transmission where I went in for a transmission repair they left a piece off the tire and it fell off while I was driving the reason I say them was later down the road after my girl had joined their gang she tried to leave a note for the man working on my car and I caught her, they still have my car and want to give it back in pieces for damaged they caused by installing a clutch wrong or want me to pay them over a grand to fix so be aware gars transmission is a scam and have gang affiliated members working for them.

So they used your girl for sex. What were you using her for? You don’t seem to be exactly on the high road here.

I love the negative replies from the fake bitches that thought they are so bad rolling around throwing out their PR13 signs, especially the ones who run to the cops when they are in trouble tail and all between their legs then they totally are going to learn very soon that the new law puts you in with those that are going to make you their shower buddy in return. anyone who agrees with treating women the way you do is disgusting foul little trolls soon to reap what you so, he’ll is a nasty place and I hope will be able to handle it cause the time has come much more so that you will be eating your words and scream as the demon shoves his rod in every hole.

Considering the police department’s past handling of internal issues – is it any wonder that this person (term used loosely) is still being paid as a member of this city’s police force? Some of us citizens still remember the fiasco surrounding Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Lisa Solomon (ex-police chief). Wonder how big of a retirement package McGuire will get? And life goes on.

Doing quick math he will get 50% of his salary plus full benefits for life,

LE get 3% of their last/highest salary (including overtime) multiplied by the number of years they worked. This guy began working in 2003, now it’s 2018,fifteen years later, so 3% of his highest salary, multiplied by 15, gives you his annual payout. He can start his retirement at age 50. If he retires on disability, it’s tax-free. Starting salaries at the sheriff and many municipalities here are around $90K BTW.

And I bet ya, for every officer that didn’t know of this apparent POS’s actions there were 10 that did, and said nothin’! And folks wonder why those of weak mixed up minds often retaliate against any LEO available at the time…

You can bet he bragged to his fellow officers about his accomplishments and not one of them reported him. Even if they didn’t want to do it to avoid their name getting out they certainly could have been an anonymous source to report this. And somehow they wonder why people have such a low level of respect for the police.