Haste makes waste: SLO County board will fix Brown Act violation

August 28, 2018

IWMA Administrator Bill Worrell and legal counsel Ray Biering

The San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA) board will reconsider on Aug. 29 its recent decision to allow its embattled administrator to retire amid criminal investigations into misappropriation of public funds. [Cal Coast Times]

On Aug. 8, the board voted unanimously to place the agency’s manager, Bill Worrell, on paid administrative leave as SLO County District Attorney’s investigators delve into the agency’s long-neglected oversight of Worrell’s spending autonomy.

IWMA’s legal counsel, Ray Biering, informed the board that Worrell would not be receiving an IWMA funded retirement, according to several board members. Consequently, the board then voted to allow Worrell to “retire” early, on Sept 7.

In 2013, the state passed the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act, a law that requires public employees who are convicted of a felony to forfeit public retirement benefits.
In 2006, the IWMA entered into a contract with Worrell that provided retirement benefits.

“IWMA shall pay 19 percent of the basic salary on a monthly basis into a retirement program specified by the manager,” according to the contract. “The IWMA shall match the employee’s contribution to the differed compensation plan (457) up to a maximum allowed by the IRS.”

In an Aug. 21 “cure and correct” letter to the board, attorney Stew Jenkins asked that the issue of Worrell’s retirement be revisited because it was not properly placed on the agenda. Jenkins also questioned why the board was provided inaccurate information.

Several days later, Biering informed Jenkins that the board would reexamine the issue in open session at a special meeting on Aug. 29.

Jenkins also asked the IWMA board to invite the county district attorney to attend the corrective meeting.

“In that manner, you may inquire and receive legal information concerning available disciplinary matters that may, can or must be applied to forfeiture of publicly funded retirement, deferred compensation, or other fringe benefit if a determination that public funds managed by the employee have been misappropriated,” Jenkins wrote.

The board demurred.

The board will meet in special session at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 29 in the county supervisors’ chambers  to decide Worrell’s retirement future.

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Funny SLOBIRD mentioned “Allen at Air Pollution Board.” Remember when FORBES Magazine did a story about Adam Hill and Larry Allen at the Air Pollution Board? The guy from FORBES said it was the worst corruption he had ever seen. 



“Jenkins also asked the IWMA board to invite the county district attorney to attend the corrective meeting.”

Because apparently nobody having anything to do with the IWMA has a clue what you can and can’t do. Ridiculous.  


Bill Worrell had (or has?) a credit card that was not approved by the board. That in it’s self is enough to fire him. When you take into consideration that he can not account for more than $450,000, he needs to be fired while he is criminally investigated, not paid. Why is Adam Hill, who as a member of the IWMA board of directors was supposed to be supervising Worrell, protecting and attempting to retire Worrell? 


You don’t think Adam took a monetary consideration to look the other way do you? Something like a campaign donation?

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Adam Hill is on the ‘Take,’ and so is his boy Wagstaffe.


Why did he get to pick the retirement program of his choice? Does everyone under contract at the County get this deal.? Is that the same that was given to Allen at Air Pollution Board. And way would long term employees get these special benefits and not the standard?

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My money says that the BOS will ride this out for as long as they can and will quietly retire Mr. Worrell with full benefits and possibly a severance pay as they usually do in lieu of firing someone. In this way they hope it will disappear and protect others who may also be involved. It’s the easy way out for them to spend our tax money with no oversight. Just another corrupt day in SLO.


That scenario would be more possible if Worrell wasn’t under criminal investigation by the DA. This one will not go away that easy with the obvious crimes already uncovered. The poo poo is flying towards the fan. 

Jorge Estrada

Bill should retire as planned, receive his pension and have it collected until all irregularities have been paid, yes there is an audit to do. Otherwise, he goes right back to work and possibly get his money later when the heat is off. I would caution doing anything that has the appearance of de-escalation because there are others too, he did not act alone. The restrooms should be very busy.


 Nice try. Who was behind trying to retire Bill Worell before he bites the big one? Is James Wagstaffe still giving Ray Biering legal advice? Schmucks. 


Meanwhile Worell is on an extended ratepayers paid vacation. Why not unpaid administration leave and if Worell wants to sue us tell him to go ahead.


“Deferred” compensation plan, not “differed”.