How will losing Diablo Canyon impact SLO County?

August 26, 2018


With the impending closure of Diablo Canyon, I’m starting to get worried about what this really means for San Luis Obispo County.

Over 1,500 jobs will be lost when Diablo Canyon is gone. This not only impacts the lives of those workers and their families, but it also impacts the small business owners in our area who rely on local customers.

Likewise, the loss of tax revenue to our county could hurt our ability to receive things like a speedy response to an emergency.

That’s something I’m particularly worried about. We live in a fire-prone area; our neighbors just to the north of us are battling one as I type this. What happens when funding is cut to fire protection or public safety?

Public safety isn’t the only thing that will suffer. We have some of the best school districts in the country. What happens to our schools when the education budget gets slashed by millions of dollars?

With Lockheed Martin and Weatherby leaving SLO County and our new ranking as a top 10 worst place to open a business, I’m concerned that we may not recover if we keep losing businesses and hurting our economy.

Zoe Duty is an Atascadero resident.

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With the closure of the Nuclear Power Plant, the Cuesta Grade will no longer be reserved as it’s North Bound escape route thus freeing up this use for our daily traffic. This well funded planning mitigation can now accommodate North County growth and improve countywide traffic circulation. (applaud)

I would suggest all of you read the following before expressing an opinion:

I still don’t get why PG&E has to pay SLO 85 MIllion Bucks when they’re being forced to close. If you think this is bad, just wait until California does away with Natural Gas! It’s back to the stone age!

It’s called extortion. Will this be the new trend? Go out of business or leave California because it’s the worst place in the US to do business and you will have to pay a departure tax.

It’s not PG&E that will pay the 85 million, it is us, the ratepayers that will fund our public officials failure for not planning for something that was known it is was going to happen and yet won’t make the cuts necessary.

Of course PG&E’ gracious intent is to fork out that $85 million and never raise rates either. You SLO folks er mighty edumacated.