Abel Maldonado does not have an illegal marijuana farm

August 26, 2018

Abel Maldonado

Allegations that former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado was leasing his land to an illegal marijuana farm have been proven unfounded. [Cal Coast Times]

A few weeks ago, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy noticed what appeared to be 30 acres of cannabis growing in the south county on land owned by Maldonado. Workers at the farm explained that the plants were industrial hemp grown as part of a licensed research program, which does not require a county or state cannabis permit.

The deputy then informed county code enforcement which opened an investigation focused on code violations if the plants were considered cannabis, which requires a state and county permit, or hemp.

Marijuana plant with 0.3 percent THC or less are considered industrial hemp.

Following an article in the SLO New Times regarding the investigation, multiple media sources covered the allegations. Maldonado responded by having the plants tested, which proved they are industrial hemp.

“I am grateful that this case is closed, and that San Luis Obispo County officially recognizes my legal right to cultivate industrial hemp on my ranch in San Luis Obispo County,” Maldonado said in a press release.

For more than a year, neighbors of some county marijuana farms and dozens of marijuana growers have alleged unfair enforcement practices by county staffers. Those allegations include some county staffers allowing several large growers to skirt marijuana laws while creating road blocks for other growers.

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Do I have this right, Mr. Maldonado is suspected of having an illegal crop, so he supposedly takes some of the plants to his chosen lab to test them and they return a lab results to him that the plants are legal? I don’t understand why county code enforcement didn’t pick the plants and have their lab do the tests all the time controlling the testing procedure. Seems odd to me, possible special treatment?

Oh yea, sure! Some reputable lab’ took in Abel’s hemp plants to test as some sort of what? Another “deep state” conspiracy maybe? Get a grip, would ya please?! The man was proactive, not waiting for the county to do what he should, got it to a lab’ and put this bullchit to rest! Did you know that anyone arrested for drug possession can have a reputable lab’ test any item that the county has tested as positive as a illicit drug for a “second opinion”, same as a drunk driver or under the influence? Probably not.

If nothing else, something that is bitched about on this sight daily, this didn’t cost the county a dime. Win-win!

Are we going to let people who are pulled over for DUI do their own blood draw and send to their own testing lab and then present to results to the police so they can decide whether to charge them, Hey it saved us taxpayers money on the testing. Those people are just being proactive, no need for the police to draw the blood just ask the person to do it them selves.

Why not?!!! The chances that a test taken by law enforcement has been tainted and or manipulated are pretty good, over 50,000 of them in the last decade (that’s ummmmm, what? 5000 a year? Pretty significant don’t ya think?). I’ve experience in that area; gave a test at Chino, hadn’t used anything in over 5 years (I didn’t use inside; too much drama involved, too much money demanded, pretty drastic consequences for non-payment, and bein’ stoned inside just wasn’t something I wanted to do) and I’ll be damned if I didn’t get a dirty UA for pot! Funny thing, the Captain at the Reception Center didn’t much like me and a day or two after our latest brouhaha (he tore up the only Christmas card I got that year and I let him know just how un-cool that was) I got tested, and it turned up positive. Go figure, right?

However, you can ask to have two (2) samples taken, one for LE and another in case the results come back dirty and you believe you are not. The second sample can be taken to a lab of your choice, but you will have to pay for it, and those results can be used in your defense if they come back negative. Like I said though, any reputable lab’ ain’t gonna take a chance on manipulating a test for anyone, especially for a California Republican politician with all the attention they’re gettin’ these days for being such “good law abiding citizens”!

Care to give some proof on your claim? You certainly have no sour grapes on your end?? Yes, you can have two test taken but you don’t get to choose who takes and when the sample is taken.

Proof of what? My numbers? You know what? I get tired of putting in the time and effort to back up what I say, and I always do, and then have someone question it who doesn’t have a clue about the subject matter they’re commenting on, so this time? You go and put in the same time and effort and disprove my numbers, alright? When you do, get back to me and then just call me a liar instead of insinuating I am.

What you derogatorily call “sour grapes” I call personal tangible experience, you got any of that? Probably not.

I’m gonna try and reach out to Mr. Maldonado and ask exactly how that testing was done, and if LE and Code Enforcement was informed and if they were, what they said.

Stay tuned….

Mr. Maldonado was told to get it tested and prove it was for research:

– “The Maldonados will now need to have certified testing of the plants done to show they are hemp and also provide proof of the “research institute relationship,” – Art Trinidade, SLO County Code Enforcement Supervisor –

He did so, hence:

– “Code Enforcement Supervisor Art Trinidade confirmed that Maldonado provided the necessary documentation, including lab analysis of the plants and evidence that they are being grown in association with agricultural research institution Terra Focus LLC.” –

Jeez! Do ya want it any easier, or what? Took me all of what? An hour?

I’m here to humbly ask for your forgiveness, my numbers were wrong, way wrong! I either misread the article(s) that I read or just didn’t catch it, three times don’t ya know! Nope, not 50,000 nation wide, which is what I thought the article(s) meant, but rather that’s from just one (1) state, as the result of just one lab’ tech’, from 2003 through 2013.

Sorry (not really)!

Damn, we almost had him…

Whew! That was close, or was it? I love how the so called conservatives here just jumped all over Able when this broke, all up-in-arms and chit! I wonder if he’s back in good graces with y’all? Nahhh! It’s cannabis after all, no matter it’s THC level, right? Now, if it was insider trading or buyin’ golf shorts and a Hawaiian vacation on a campaign credit card? He’d probably get high fives all around from his San Luis Obispo constituents…

Dude, Jeez, chill. Lots of people who are conservatives have experience with smoking weed. God knows I do. Once I’m out of the military and no longer have to worry about UAs (we do ’em all the time) it’s back on. You have your life history which has shaped you; I have mine. Mine involves multiple deployments, a beat-up body and a lot of BS I’ve had to wade through. But I’m trying very hard now to remember myself as human first and Soldier (always capitalized, btw) second. You make some interesting points on these threads, but remember that others have their own backgrounds too. You’re not the only one with painful memories and old resentments. Letting that stuff go takes effort. Take it for what it’s worth. Peace.

Dude, Jeez, I am chilled! That was levity, plane and simple! With a little reality of current Californian Republican double standards mixed in! That’s all…

Thanks for your service!

Who is Abel Maldonado?

Politically for the camera, he is Ready, Willing and Abel. Very impressive that he is willing to grow his own rope.