Parent company puts KSBY on the market

August 3, 2018

Local NBC affiliate KSBY is up for sale following a decision by its parent company to place all of its stations on the market. [TV News Check]

Cordillera Communications, a subsidiary of Evening Post Industries, has a portfolio of more than 10 stations spread out across the country. Cordillera reportedly hired New York-based mergers and acquisitions firm Methuselah Advisors to sell its portfolio.

KSBY has gone through several ownership changes since its founding in 1953. In 2004, Evening Post acquired KSBY from New Vision Group for $67.75 million, according to a press release that announced the sale.

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Thankfully we have radio and Rush and good nights sleep.

Nice!! KSBY is right up there with the Toilet Turbine. Hopefully the new owner(s) will provide real news and not “stories” of worthlessness. Bury Tenborg, take his pot of gold and make Karen and Dan news anchors in SLO CO’s hellish little paradise.