Atascadero teacher accused of filming students’ panties

September 11, 2018

Police arrested a 48-year-old Atascadero Unified School District teacher on Monday who was allegedly videotaping his female students’ underwear. At the teacher’s home, officers found child porn including photos and video’s of his students. [Cal Coast Times]

On Aug. 30, the school district notified the Atascadero Police Department about a teacher who had possibly video-recorded the undergarments of female students. Investigators then served a search warrant at the Atascadero home of Chris Lynn Berdoll.

On Monday, officers charged Berdoll with sexual exploitation of a child, production of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

Berdoll is a sixth grade teacher at the Atascadero Fine Arts Academy.

It appears none of the children victimized were physically molested, police said. The images police obtained did not show any adult contact with the children.

“The courageous individuals who saw something and said something allowed the district to take immediate action to ensure student safety,” Superintendent Thomas Butler said. “As a small part of our commitment to the wellbeing of the students, additional counseling services are being made available.”

Police have contacted the parents of all known victims in the case. But if anyone suspects their child may have been victimized, they are asked to contact Police Chief Jerel Haley or Lieutenant Jason Carr at (805) 461-5051 or Atascadero Unified Assistant Superintendent Curt Eichperger at (805) 462-4200.

Berdoll currently remains in SLO County Jail with his bail set at $35,000.

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Time for the school district to go into full CYA mode. Some people in administration likely knew this was going on for some time but just looked the other way, they didn’t want it to get out and risk the next time they ask for money claiming financial hardship. If this goes the way of many past cases, expect an attempt at a quiet early retirement and confidential agreement, and lets not forget the taxpayer funded payout.

Really? You honestly have determined all of that from a newspaper article? wow Clara Voyant. Impressed! (Not)

What a ridiculous and callous assertion. What is it that indicates to you that “some people in administration likely knew this was going on for some time but just looked the other way” in this or any other case? One can only imagine how deeply grieved the staff is at Fine Arts and throughout the district. If you’re going to make slanderous assumptions, at least bring something to the table to back it up or say NOTHING at all.

Given the recent issue with the area wrestling coach, many knew about him and did nothing, likely part of the reason an attorney is now on the case and a lawsuit to follow. Many more stories, the teacher is LA feeding his students “special” cookies, many knew then too and did nothing. The famous rubber room where teachers and others are placed who cannot be with students but also are not fired has been exposed and yet the districts do nothing about it. We also have medical people in the prison system that are not allowed to see patients and yet are not fired. A quick internet check shows many more stories of mandatory reporters not doing their job. Why worry it’s only taxpayer money.

You may also need to look up “slanderous”, “a false, spoken statement about someone which damages that person’s reputation, or the making of such a statement”, not sure how my comment comes anywhere near that.

Really kakanut? “administration likely knew this was going on”.